Angry Mom – Korean Drama

To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive about starting this show, but ten minutes in, I was hooked. For those who haven’t yet started it or seen all of it, I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible.

First order of business…I would 100% recommend this drama. This drama really took me by surprise. It really breaks the mold of stereotypical K-Drama. Although the plot can be seen as dark, the overall theme of the drama is good. It’s heavy though. The drama deals with things like suicide, bullying, inappropriate teacher-student relationships, teenage pregnancy, murderous gangsters, and corrupt political figures. Even as heavy as it is, I managed to stick through it, and by the time the final episode aired, I was glad I’d stuck to the ending.

The main character of the drama, Jo Kang Ja, is a quick tempered, foul-mouthed woman with a baby-face living in an ahjumma’s body, for which her daughter, Oh Ah Ran, is ashamed of. Kang Ja wants a good life for her daughter, going so far as to lie that Ah Ran’s her dead sisters kid so that she live a life free of becoming an outcast for being born to a single mother. Ah Ra befriends the school outcast and is soon targeted by bullies all around the school. Even though she’s left bruised and bloody, she’s too proud to confide in her mother, but Kang Ja finds out and after many failed attempts to solve the problem, she utilizes her youthful looks and enrolls in Ah Ran’s school under the name Jo Bang Wool. Through her alias, Kang Ja finds that there are much bigger, darker problems in the school’s education system. Putting her life at stake to save her daughter’s, Kang Ja vows to stop the school violence.

The plot was creative and well thought out. Angry Mom strayed away from the fluffy, happy, sparkly, aegyo that is often associated with K-Drama. Plot twists are inevitable in this drama. Just when you think you’ve got a hand on who’s good and who’s bad and what’s going on, everything turns around, leaving you wondering all over again. The actors were well picked and their characters, well played. Kim Hee Sun played Kang Ja very well and I was quite a fan of Ji Soo’s as Bok Dong.

So much happens in one episode of this drama. They manage to squeeze several different plot lines that branch off of the overall plot into one episode. In most episodes, it doesn’t feel rushed, but there were a few that I wished they’d slowed down a bit. With that said, Angry Mom isn’t a drama you can watch the first and then the final episode…you’ll be left with your mouth wide open, wondering ‘what just happened’. If you can get through the heavy plot, I promise you, it is worth it. Angry Mom is definitely something to try.


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