Faky “Girl Digger”

First of all, I love this song. These girls can sing. I love that they’re taking on a fiercer concept than other J-Pop girl bands. Their vocals are powerful and their songs are really sassy and catchy. But be warned. Even though I loved the song, I will be pulling apart the music video.

The music video…I liked it, but it didn’t really make sense to me. First of all, what were the newspaper article-type clippings that appeared around 0:14 and just flashed on the screen?. This continued throughout the rest of the music video around the chorus area, but I couldn’t quite understand their significance.

Faky and the guys they are supposed to be telling off are all in this abandoned warehouse, the guys looking all bad-ass and the girls looking all sassy and independent. So, naturally, they decide to settle their problems by dancing. Except…Faky are the only ones dancing and the guys are just standing there like ‘whatever, we could do better’. This seems to work, as the guys are easily intimidated. Was I the only one that thought that part was ridiculous? These men easily have Faky outnumber, yet they’re scared of a group of five well dressed women in heels and attitudes?

The music video features cuts of Faky standing against walls singing and such, which really added to the ‘abandoned warehouse’ concept. A few of the cuts included them holding flags with things like ‘Independent’ written on it. The independent flag made sense, given the meaning the of the song, but I wasn’t really sure what the ‘Revolution’ one had to do with the song or the music video. So then, the song starts to break down. The girl lights a picture of her and her (I’m assuming ‘ex’) boyfriend on fire and then throws it behind her. The whole warehouse erupts into flames and instead of running away, Faky…starts to dance again. The music video ends the way it started, with the girl flicking a lighter on and then they turn to go back the way they came, except, you know, they lit it on fire.

I said I liked the music video. It really embodied the fierce, independent concept that Faky’s got going on, but it didn’t really make sense. I loved the dancing, but some parts seemed just a bit…awkward for me, particularly towards the end when they split off and did their own thing.

The English was good. This isn’t really a complaint, but the only thing is that the first couple times I heard this song, I thought they were saying ‘gold digger’, not ‘girl digger’. I’ve never actually heard of a ‘girl digger’, but it isn’t hard to understand what they’re trying to say.

I’ll repeat, I love this song. If their other releases are similar to this, Faky’s found a fan in me. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely check out Girl Digger. This song has the potential to be huge. It really surprised me when I realize they didn’t even have 600,000 views on YouTube. I’d definitely recommend checking it out before their 2015 comeback.


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