Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

I almost didn’t review this series, since technically, it isn’t really ‘anime’. Huntik Secrets & Seekers was animated in Italy and released in the U.S, however, it is one of my favorite (non) anime series and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to do a proper review.

This (sort of) anime is AMAZING. It’s definitely geared towards a younger audience, but that didn’t stop me from loving every second of it. It’s about a boy named Lok who discovers a mysterious journal and amulet that once belonged to his missing father. With the help of Sophie, Dante, and Zalia, Lok soon enters the world of seekers, desperate to find out what happened to his father and determined to defeat the bad guys known as the ‘Organization’.

I really loved the characters, especially Lok. I think out of the entire series, Lok grew the most. The only complaint I have is that this anime (okay so it’s not really an anime, more like a cartoon) is only two seasons long. Although it comes to about 52 episodes, given the kind-of cliff-ending on season 2, I really wish there had been more episodes. Season 1 was good, but the show really developed in season 2. Unfortunately, that’s were it ended. If they weren’t going to do another season, maybe a movie or OVA…anything to give fans some sort of closure.


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