Michiko to Hatchin – Anime Review

Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed this anime. The art is pretty, the characters are fun and easy to get along with, and the plot is captivating without dragging on.

Michiko to Hatchin is an anime series that focuses on Michiko, a runaway criminal, and Hatchin, a sassy little girl. Michiko is told that her lover is killed in an accident, but doesn’t believe it after seeing a picture of a baby that looks exactly like him. Hatchin, who is suffering abuse from her adoptive family, is soon rescued by Michiko, who is planning on using Hatchin to prove that her lover is still alive. The two soon become close and soon share the same goal of finding Hatchin’s father.

Okay, so this anime is great. It isn’t the best one out there, but it definitely is worth checking out. I loved Hatchin’s character. She doesn’t cry or complain too much and she definitely has a attitude mixed with her sassy personality. I loved Michiko as well. Even though she originally only grabbed Hatchin to prove that they her lover was still alive, she develops an almost maternal side for Hatchin. The two become very close by the end of the anime.

I really liked the story line. Usually when an anime ends, I always complain about it. Michiko to Hatchin isn’t one of those. I liked where it ended. It was time for the story to come to a close. I liked where it ended, but I didn’t like how it ended. It was alright for Michiko to turn herself in…she’d be caught at some point anyway, so really, this was better. I just didn’t like how it ended with Hatchin. So, the anime ended at the right moment, just not in the right way.

What do you think? Was Michiko to Hatchin a hit or miss?


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