Top 10 Non-Title K-Pop Tracks

If you just listen to a band’s title song, you’re missing out on a lot. I often find that the title song isn’t my favorite. The albums often leave me wondering why certain songs were picked were promotion over others.

1.) Baby Don’t Cry – EXO

This was a lovely song. The members’ voices harmonized beautifully. Baekhyun’s adlibs were on point and Kyungsoo’s high notes were beautiful. Suho sang lovely and Chanyeol’s deep voiced rapping contrasted perfectly with the emotional vocalists. Wolf was good, but face it, Baby Don’t Cry was so much better. Since EXO was a new band, they were just really defining their concept and unfortunately, Wolf fit their pop-dance concept a lot better than Baby Don’t Cry did. If this song had been on a later album, they could have made a lovely music video for it.

2.) Hold Me Tight & Let Me Know – BTS

I was torn between Hold Me Tight and Let Me Know from BTS’s latest album In the Mood for Love pt 1, so I decided to add them both. I loved I Need U, but I LOVED both Hold Me Tight and Let Me Know. Both of these are slower ballad-type tracks, but they are so beautiful, it seems almost criminal that they weren’t used for the comeback. When I first heard Hold Me Tight, it wasn’t an immediate hit for me, but once Suga started to sing and Jungkook started the pre-chorus, I was hooked. I’m glad that V actually had a good amount of lines in this song. He isn’t usually given higher/medium notes on account of his naturally deep voice, but man did he slay. Because of the type of song it was, the members switched on the chorus and it was done beautifully. Suga’s breathy singing throughout the entire song is perfect and Rapmon and J-Hope’s powerful rapping is perfect without sounding strange in the ballad-style song. Let Me Know also feature a lot more of V, which was an amazing idea. It was nice to hear Rapmonster more laid back with his sing-rapping since he’s always the one with the really powerful voice. I loved it when Jin sang the chorus towards the end (I don’t know why he doesn’t have more lines by now) and Jimin singing in falsetto and then finishing with that perfect high note was the perfect ending for an amazing track.

3.) Good Night – TVXQ

Why, oh why did they choose Catch Me over Good Night? This song was very well put together and the duo’s sexy singing mixed with Changmin’s high notes made for an amazing track. It isn’t like TVXQ has never put out slower type songs. Back when TVXQ was DBSK and JYJ wasn’t JYJ, they released Wrong Number which was slower without being too slow. That’s how Good Night is. In fact, I often find this problem with TVXQ’s releases. I find that I love the title track, but upon listening to the entire album, the title track is not my favorite. I don’t know who chooses these title songs, but TVXQ should have promoted this song instead of Catch Me, which to me, had a very J-Poppy feel to it.

4.) If You – Big Bang

I wasn’t sure if this song qualified since it was an official part of Big Bang’s 2015 comeback, but since a music video was never made, it can’t exactly be called a title track. Big Bang had an amazing comeback after a 3 year hiatus. Bae Bae was nice, Loser was perfect, Bang Bang Bang was addictive, and We Like 2 Party was the perfect song to sing along to. I didn’t really love Sober and Let’s Not Fall in Love like I did the rest and Zutter was GD and T.O.P, not really Big Bang. As the only song that didn’t get a music video, I decided that If You qualified for the list. This. Song. Is. Lovely. T.O.P sang (seriously) and Seungri’s voice was so beautiful in here, out of all the songs from their comeback, this one definitely deserved to be a title track. It isn’t that it didn’t fit their concept…they seemed to include three different concepts into their comeback…If You fit in there somewhere.

5.) Farewell My Love – SHINee

I was going to choose Symptoms but SM has a short little lyric video for it and they sang Symptoms as part of their comeback stage. So, as lovely as a song, sadly, it did not qualify for this list. Instead, I’ve chosen Farewell My Love from their latest album, Odd Eye. Okay, I love both View and Married to the Music. Both were addictive dance tracks that perfectly fit for SHINee’s concept. However, this song was so pretty. It really showed off the member’s singing abilities, plus, Minho’s sexy deep voiced rapping is so perfect for this song, it is ridiculous. The style of the song reminded me a lot of EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry, another from this list. Farewell My Love also really shows how much Taemin has improved. Seriously. If you go back and listen to their earlier albums and tracks and then come and listen to this song, you’d be amazed at the difference. While I really loved his mini album Ace, I wish that he’d produce more music like this.

6.) Cypher pt 2 & Cypher pt 3 – BTS

I wasn’t going to do these songs since I already have two BTS songs on this list, but I just had to. I don’t really understand why, if not a music video, a lyric video or a mention of these songs weren’t mentioned for their comebacks. Even though the songs are from two different albums, they would have fit the concept really well. I thought that maybe they didn’t use these songs because it only featured 3/7 of the members, but they could have used it as a concept trailer or teaser. It just seems like this was a missed opportunity. Both tracks are strictly rap tracks. Cypher pt 2 showcases Rapmonster, who successfully raps half his part in English, and Suga, who impresses with his incredible fast pace. J-Hope is featured, but only slightly. Cypher pt 3 has all three rappers, and oh my god, is it amazing. Even though Rapmonster is my ultimate bias, Cypher pt 3 is definitely a Suga song though Rapmonster still slayed his part and J-Hope’s voice fit for the song so well. It turned out amazing and both songs deserved a chance.

7.) What If & Transformer – EXO

Yet another EXO song makes the list. For this one, I couldn’t choose between What If and Transformer, so i decided on both. What If is lovely. Each member did their part perfectly. Kai actually gets to sing in this song, and it is amazing. It’s definitely a Kyungsoo song. Although each member did really well with their lines, Kyungsoo’s voice just added a little extra something that 100% complimented the song. And although it was great, it was another song like Baby Don’t Cry. It didn’t really fit the concept, which is probably why it wasn’t chosen for the title song. Transformer, however, fit the concept and the member’s voices perfectly I have no idea why it wasn’t chosen. First of all, this song is amazing. The only problem is Chanyeol’s ‘slow down and then you speed up’. EXO-L are seriously dirty. I didn’t even think of the song as perverted or sexual in any way into certain fans pointed out just how bad it sounded.

8.) I Love You – 2AM ft Baekchan & Joohee

I’m really picky about my ballads, so 2AM is usually a hit or miss for me. I really like Jokwon because of his variety appearances and such, but to me, the songs are sort of ‘meh’. But, when I stumbled across I Love You, I fell in love. For a ballad group, this is a ballad without being a ballad. It has a sort of pop and slight R&B feel to it. I really like the vocals and the beat is wonderful.

9.) Halo – Block B

Whoa. I love this song, and as it perfectly fits Block B’s style and concept, I’m not sure why it wasn’t picked for promotions. Was I the only one that was reminded of GD’s R.O.D in the beginning? This song is great. It definitely embodies Block B’s fierce and powerful concept. I only have one complaint with this song and that’s the title. The title is ‘Halo’, pronounced hey-low. Only, it’s pronounced ‘hah-low’ and I think is meant more of ‘hello’. Because of the misleading title, when I first heard the song, I thought it was going to be a ballad.

10.) Punch – B.A.P

Back when B.A.P was still releasing powerful and captivating rap/pop tracks, Punch was released on their second mini album, and is it ever amazing. I’m not complaining that One Shot was picked over Punch, but rather, Rain Sound was picked over Punch. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Since B.A.P originally debuted with powerful concept, they should have used Punch over Rain Sound without a second thought. Not that Rain Sound wasn’t a lovely song, it just wasn’t a song fitting for B.A.P’s concept, especially since One Shot with its powerful message and AMAZING music video, was released right after it. I love B.A.P, and will forever be a Baby, but I’m hoping that with their 2015 comeback, we get to see more of the B.A.P I fell in love with, with their uni-blonde hair and Zeelo with his man-bibs.

I try to listen to a band’s album after they’ve had a comeback, because you’ll never know what you’re missing. I wouldn’t have found these amazing songs if I hadn’t. I definitely suggest giving their albums a try.


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