EXO “Love Me Right” Japanese Short Ver.

I already loved both the Korean and Mandarin releases of EXO’s Love Me Right, so even though it’s short, it was a given that I’d love the Japanese release as well.

This music video was so much fun. It’s suppose to be ‘romantic version’, but as there aren’t any girls or dates or…you know, romance, I’m not exactly sure why it’s called as such. The concept for this video is great. I loved the original sports themed concept for the Korean and Mandarin video release, but this short Japanese release shattered my expectations. For starters, the entire video is designed as a video game. For example, when a member does something wrong like Xiumin spilling water all over electric outlets, the video will cut to a screen that says something like ‘Fail’ or ‘Try Again’. If a member does something right it will say something like ‘Mission Accomplished.’ Not only did I think that this was such an amazing, creative idea, each member’s failures and quarrels was funny and cute and just added to the overall charm of EXO. There wasn’t any wacky fashion or overly bold hair color, which fit really perfectly with the innocence of the game concept. 2015 was really the year that not only EXO, but SM music video evolved from a simple dance video concept to a video that had a (although sometimes strange) plot. A really good example of this concept change would be Super Junior in MamacitaThis is Love, and recently Devil. SHINee also had a complete make over with View and Married to the Music. I’m not sure if EXO’s Japanese release was overseen by SM or through them, but for an SM band, I was super, super happy with the music video.

The song is just as great as the Korean and Mandarin releases. I don’t speak fluent Japanese, so I can’t really say how well they pronounced the lyrics or how prominent their accents were, but I really enjoyed it. My only problem is that if EXO continues to release in Japanese, that will mean that EXO will release singles and albums in three different languages. If they do this, I’m hoping that SM and their managers have the sense to split it up. SHINee, for example, might have a comeback in Japanese after they are finished for their promotions in Korea. It isn’t done at the same time, which would be pretty confusing and difficult for the members. However, for EXO, they release in Korean and Mandarin simultaneously, and promote in both countries at the same time, or shortly after the other. Since EXO is going through so much with the departure of Chinese members Kris, Luhan, and Tao, and their lawsuits against SM, it worries me that they will have an even greater burden.

So, I liked the song before it even came out, and the music video was such a fun and creative concept. I hope that EXO continues to release happily and I hope that, in the future, they can retain from losing any more members. I hope they are not overworked, and I hope they can become just as successful in Japan as they have in their home countries. I’d definitely check out all three versions of Love Me Right. What did you think? Did you like the Korean/Mandarin music video concept or the Japanese short version better?


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