Top 5 Least Favorite Anime Characters

I love anime, but there were some characters that really just rubbed me the wrong way or change the view of an anime itself. You’ve been warned, spoiler alert.

1.) Sakura Haruno – Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

Okay, I love Naruto. It was the very first anime that I watched, and even if it’s super mainstream, it is, and will forever, remain both my favorite manga and anime adaption ever. Though Naruto is generally for a younger audience, Naruto Shippuden is the older counterpart, even better than the original. Even though it was my favorite anime, it has on of my least favorite characters in all of anime history. I couldn’t stand Sakura. She’s one of the major supporting female leads, but she was so annoying, I wanted to reach through the screen and smack her. From the original Naruto series, she was all about Sasuke. Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke, going so far as to even make Naruto promise to bring him back when he leaves the village. This is then carried on into Naruto Shippuden. Since she’d been training under Lady Tsunade, one of my favorite characters in that anime, I had really high hopes that she’d change for the better. She did, but not like I wanted her too. She was stupid, doing things like going after Sasuke herself prompting Naruto, who was ill at the time, to drop everything and come save her. I know Sakura can handle herself, but it seems like she does a lot of complaining and doing nothing while the others are fighting for their lives. She’s medical nin, so if she isn’t going to contribute to the fight like the other are, she should stay behind the ranks and at least do her job healing the injured. As someone who was hurt by Sasuke so much in so many ways, I can’t believe she forgave him in the end without a second thought. I don’t care how ‘sorry’ he says he is (although he never actually apologizes) he tried to kill you more than once and you just forgive him as if nothing ever happened. I don’t think so. As a character intended to be strong, powerful, and independent, this totally ruined Sakura’s image and I hate her for it.

2.) Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

I don’t know what’s up with these female leads, but they sure have a way to irritate the hell out of me. It isn’t that I disliked Lucy, not at all. In fact, if I absolutely had to choose a least favorite from Fairy Tail, I’d choose Erza. I really like her character and I think that her abilities are really unique. In fact, I really actually loved her character. However, the reason she made the list is because of her fighting ability. Lucy isn’t someone who’s supposed to be as strong as Gray or as diverse in her powers as Natsu. In fact, she usually runs from fights in a comedic way. That’s just how here character was created, which really, I don’t mind. Despite this, she really grew during the series, which is still ongoing, but compared to other characters, she’s still really lacking. Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage which means she calls upon the creatures of the Zodiac using keys. It takes magical ability to call upon these spirits, which she is constantly growing and working on in order to become stronger. My problem is that this is really the extent of her magic. While others are summoning weapons and using fire and ice abilities, Lucy calls on people to fight for her. Though she is skilled in using a whip and able to land a powerful kick, if she were unable to summon a spirit, she’d be practically defenseless. Although she does have the Star Dress ability, it isn’t really her own power, which makes it a turn off for me. Lucy’s powerful, definitely powerful, but compared to the others, she is definitely lacking. For an anime that really focuses on the characters power changing and incredible strength, Lucy just doesn’t really seem to fit in. I know she can handle herself, but she’s really overshadowed by the others.

3.) Sailor Moon – Sailor Moon

During season one of the popular anime, Sailor Moon was so annoying ad whiny all the time, I almost didn’t watch the rest of the series. Luckily, she really grows and evolves in later seasons, its just the first season that really got to me.

4.) Yu Gi – Yu-Gi-Oh

I didn’t really like Yu Gi, the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh. In fact, I thought the spirit version of him was a lot cooler. He wasn’t a bad character per se, he just wasn’t my favorite. His character design was weird, but I enjoy weird in anime. It’s just something about Yu Gi that rubs me the wrong way.

5.) Onizuka – GTO

Okay, I really, really loved the drama adaption of this manga/anime series, but I found that I actually really disliked the original. I don’t know if it’s how the main character, Onizuka is portrayed, or if its how he looks or how he handles situations, I just really disliked him in the manga and anime. In the drama he was very invested in the lives of his students and he seemed to generally care about their well being. It just seemed like he was indifferent in the manga and anime series, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

Honorable Mentions:

Sauske – Naruto

I really disliked Sasuke, almost as much as I did Sakura. It isn’t because of the fact that he left the village and tried to kill everyone, in fact, his part in the anime was crucial to Naruto’s character and the entire plot itself. No, I disliked Sasuke because of his original goal. When Kakashi was just forming his team, he’d asked everyone what they liked and disliked and what their ultimate goals were for their lives as a ninja, to which Sasuke stated that there was someone he ‘wanted to kill’. It was later found that the person he hated so much was his own brother, Itachi, because Itachi had massacred his entire family, leaving Itachi and Sasuke as the only remaining Uchiha. I get revenge, I really do, but immediately, I saw where Sasuke was going to wrong. His whole life purpose was to kill Itachi, despite the fact that he didn’t know why his brother had killed his family. He let this goal consume him to the point that he even decided to study under Orichimaru, one of the main villains of the original Naruto series. Sasuke became so corrupt that he decided he’d just kill Naruto and anyone else who got in the way. Even after Itachi died, Sasuke continued on his revenge and decided to change for the worst. He’s definitely a really strong character and it was really cool to see how his story played out, but I feel like there could have been a better way. But none of that is what made me hate Sasuke. Every anime needs a character like that to inspire the others to go the opposite way. No, it was how, even at the end of the Shippuden series, it was still hard to tell if he was good or bad. Sure, he teamed up with Naruto and the others to fight Madara and Obito, but then he decided that it’d be a great idea to fight with Naruto and decide that one of them was going to die and in the end, BOTH OF THEM LOOSE AN ARM. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Afterwards, Sasuke is just let back into the village as if NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Yup, so, sorry I tried to kill everyone in my revenge-fueled rage. Nah, that’s alright, we forgive you man. Totally unrealistic.


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