EXO – Mama Album Review

After EXO’s dozens of teaser, their singles that weren’t singles, and finally, their official debut with Mama, I was super excited to actually listen to the entire album. I really, really liked this album, which has one of my all time favorite K-Pop songs on it. EXO definitely did not disappoint with their first mini album. The mini album was released in two different languages through their subgroups EXO-K in Korean and EXO-M in Mandarin.

I loved EXO’s debut. Their style was fierce, their dancing was impressive, their vocals are swoon worthy. And their looks? They look like walking anime character. I’m looking at you (former member) Kris and you, big lipped Kyungsoo. Their songs are all addictive. And, even three years later, I still find myself singing “I LOST MY MIND” from their single What is Love.

I like EXO’s concept. Even though they’ve sort of grown away from their original alien-like concept roots, I still really enjoy their music and their music videos. Their debut was definitely unique. Even though the concept or What is Love made absolutely no sense and History was mainly a dance video, I loved the backstory behind Mama. It was totally unique, and although they aren’t the first K-Pop idol’s I’ve seen showcasing super powers, or even, the first SM band, they’re definitely one of my favorites. I like that every single member, even in the subgroups, had different super powers. It was refreshing to see that type of concept and music video from SM, who mostly focus on dancing. My only complaint with their debut song Mama is the English (Careless, careless, shoot anonymous, shoot anonymous, heartless, mindless, no one who care about me) and the rather sudden screaming breakdown done by members Kai and Kris and Xiumin. Not only that, Kai from EXO-K’s make-up was laughable and strange compared to how well EXO-M’s Xiumin and Kris pulled off their looks. And after watching History, What is Love, and Mama, I quickly found my bias from both of the subgroups.

I loved the songs on this album. I particularly fell in love with What is Love and I really loved Two Moons. I really liked Machine as well, but I’m still on the fence (I know, three years later) about Angel. While I liked it, I didn’t love it. It’s definitely a Baekhyun song and while I really like his voice I didn’t particularly love this track as I did with the rest of the album.

If you haven’t already, I’d definitely check out both EXO-K and EXO-M’s versions of the album. Both groups show what they have to offer in their songs and music videos!

(I know that image is from the Growl era, but the image I wanted to use kept cutting off Sehun’s head…)


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