My Doll House – Manga Review

If you haven’t read this manga or even heard of it, don’t think that you’re missing anything great. I mean, it’s good, just definitely not one of my all time favorites. It’s definitely written for older teens/younger adults.

My Doll House is about this young man and his house full of beautiful young women who are nothing more than his toys. And this dude is a sex god. Don’t think I’m a pervert. It was only by chance that I stumbled across this manga. And besides, people can enjoy an older themed plot without being disgusting.

So, back to the sex god. There’s something about his ‘pheromones’ that make women go crazy around him. Due to his androgynous looks, he is able to successfully become a cross dresser and becomes quite famous too. His house of dolls aren’t really put off by his feminine appearance, no, in fact, they seem to enjoy it. Eventually, he even gets breast implants to continue his career as the girl he’s created of himself.

The plot climaxes when he meets his childhood friend. She’s different from other women, however. It seems that instead of making her super horny, his crazy pheromones make her sick. So of course, he moves her into his house with him, the sex god, and them, his sex toys. He wants to be better for his friend that he’s fallen in love with, so he stops having sex with the girls (much to their irritation). However, when his build-up of pheromones makes his childhood friend super sick and causes her to lie in bed all day, he decided to well, screw it, and goes right back to his usual affairs.

So, as you can see, this is manga has a great plot to it. Okay, so I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it. I’m glad that it’s a short series, because I don’t think that I would have been able to finish it if it had been more than its 20 or so chapters. I liked the art style, which really portrayed his double life really well. However, if you’re looking for a meaningful series about a man bettering himself for the woman he loves, this series is not for you. There was the slight conflict of the fact that he didn’t want her to find out that a.) his ‘maids’ aren’t actually maids at all, and b.) he’s actually a cross dresser and actually looks really pretty as a girl, but there wasn’t really a plot. I don’t really think that this manga was really made to focus on the story-line, but the rather the inevitable sex scenes that plagued every single chapter. The ending was bland as well, but what did I expect from this near plot-less manga? Okay, so, it had a plot, just not a very prominent one. The ending was ‘meh’. He decides that he really does want to change for the girl he loves, but he doesn’t actually say that he is going to stop screwing with the girls. Its implied, but the ending doesn’t really specify what’s going to happen to all of the characters after the series ended.

So, in conclusion, the art was good, the plot was nonexistent, the sex was graphic, and the ending was kind of terrible. It wasn’t all that bad, but it definitely wasn’t all that good. On the other hand, if you wanted a graphic, but not really graphic (hentai-level) manga, than this one is perfect for you! Still, I’d give it a shot. Who knows, you might love it, or you might agree with me. What did you think?


2 thoughts on “My Doll House – Manga Review

  1. Hi i recently read this series up to chapter 22 and i was wondering where you read the manga i heard it was 31 chapters long and i cant find it anywhere in english.


  2. I agree with all that you wrote. Everything about the story oozes sex sex and more of it. I got kinda boring seeing that one guy with all of them, it was too self satisfying but somehow the dresses the author made were real good, like, those one can never expect in a sane person’s closet… One thing I really couldn’t understand that why did none of them had… Had.. STDs…? They were basically having sex with practically whoever was available… Well, its a thing in all the comics and I couldn’t bring myself to search for what was unavailable… (The untranslated chapters)


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