Top 5 K-Pop Debuts

K-Pop debuts are arguably one of the most important aspects of a band’s career. A good debut can pave the way for future fans and concepts. This is a list I’ve compiled of my top 5 K-Pop debuts.

1.) B.A.P – Warrior

Oh. My. God. This song and music video was really amazing. B.A.P really challenged the K-Pop standard by debuting with a tougher image. Even Big Bang’s hip-hop debut had an innocent-like feel to it. Warrior was great. It showed off the unique deep voice of Yong-Guk and the maknae brilliance of Zeelo. The dance was amazing. The members interacted perfectly with each other and the blonde hair of each member really added to B.A.P’s power ‘we are one’ concept.

2.) BTS – No More Dream

Yet another hip-hop/rap group, BTS’s debut is definitely one of my favorites. The music video did an effective of introducing each member and the lyrics were actually meaningful. They impressed with their vocals and their dancing in both the music video and their debut stage. The dancing had member Jimin lifting up his shirt and showcasing his abs. With this video alone, I became an Army. No More Dream remains one of my favorite debuts and songs from BTS today.

3.) SHINee – Replay

SHINee’s youth and innocence was perfectly displayed in this music video. The song is catchy and the music video is pretty easy to follow. The lyrics are innocent and the video portrays perfectly introduces each member and their innocence in the ‘first love’ concept.

4.) miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Yes. Yes. This is the type of girl group that I can really get into. miss A created their own concept by combining innocence and sexiness in their dance and music video. The dance combined both of these points, but while it may have looked strange for other bands, miss A pulled it off very well. The music video is set in some sort of performing arts school, as you see students practicing ballet and playing instruments, which further emphasizes miss A’s desire to be different from other girl groups. They were smart, extremely flexible, and extremely sassy in this song.

5.) 2ne1 – Fire

In my opinion, 2ne1 is the female version of Big Bang. If Big Bang are kings, than 2ne1 are definitely queens. Their debut was powerful. The music video was fairly simple, but I loved the song and the fact that CL, as the leader, introduced her band. This type of leadership was also showcased in BTS’s No More Dream, another on this list, when leader Rapmonster introduced his band and each member in the music video.

Honorable Mentions:

GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls

I loved this song. I was shocked to learn that this was their debut. The music video is kind of ‘eh’, but the song is great, and the dancing had members Mark and Jackson showcasing their abilities by flipping and such. The dance looks extremely hard, but also laid back with a lot of freestyle. It’s a really great song and I really love their style.


44 thoughts on “Top 5 K-Pop Debuts

                1. I know. It’s ridiculous. I thought Ryoweok from Super Junior was hard to pronounce, but Bam Bam’s name is a combination of words strung together that nobody but native speakers of such a language can pronounce.

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                    1. I’m…not Asian. I just…really like Asian (male) people, and I think Asian actresses are so pretty. There’s this thing about Asian (especially South Koreans) people that defy aging. Look at Rain, he’s in his thirties, Xiumin’s 26 in Korea, and GD’s 28 in Korea. Seriously?!

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                    2. Yeah, it’s really confusing really, because I think Jungkook is 20 in Korea but he’s only 18 internationally. So then do they age two years until they hit 20 and they start aging one year? It is so confusing because Jimin just had a birthday and he’s 20 internationally, but 21 in Korea. Wait…how is that possible if they turn 20 when they turn 18?! God I’m confused…

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                    3. Oh my god, that is my freaking jam. I know, I always make my friends and family members listen to my favorite K-Pop songs. I mean, you really can’t apologize to me without expecting me to release my inner Super Junior. K-Pop has 100% infected my life.

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                    4. They’re a more badass group, similar in the tough image like BTS and early BAP. They put out some awesome music videos. I’d check out Nalina, Nilili Mambo, Very Good, Her, and some that aren’t title songs that I like are No Joke, Halo, and 11:30 (that’s a sexy song), but there are so more.

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