J.Y.Park ft Jessi “Who’s Your Mama”

I’m a big fan of JYP bands and idols such as GOT7 and miss A, and while I knew that J.Y.P is an idol himself, I’ve never actually really listened to his music. It was only by chance that I stumbled upon Who’s Your Mama, but upon first listen, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ah…South Korea. Where the girl’s sure know how to shake the butts they don’t have. J.Y.P’s Who’s Your Mama showcases his love for bigger butts and a more ‘curvaceous’ appearance. In the song, he’s asking about this girl’s mother and how can she raise such a daughter like this with such a big hip. Hm. I think that this is the first K-Pop song I have heard that actually addresses such a topic. In fact, South Korea’s female body image seems to be very thin. Many K-Pop idols, especially girl groups, go on extreme diets in order to fit into such an image. So, kudos to J.Y.P for daring to break the mold of K-Pop and want for something different.

The song itself was great. It was very catchy and Jessi’s rap breakdown wasn’t overly strange or disjointed from the rest of the song. Her husky voice and sassy demeanor fits in well with the song as she raps about how her mother gave her her ‘rock hard thighs’ and her ‘Asian eyes’.

The video, simple, yet satisfying, shows J.Y.P as a creepy ahjussi in a gym full of beautiful young women. Okay, yes, J.Y.P was creepy and really desperate in this music video, but it was HILARIOUS. It starts out when he sees a woman on a treadmill and immediately notices her hip. He asks for her waist size, and then her hip, which she readily supplies for him. Even though this video was meant to take a comedic turn, this part, was super unrealistic. First of all, who knows their exact waist and hip size right off the top of their head, and second of all, who would give a creepy-looking ahjussi that information?! So anyway, J.Y.P gets super excited when he hears her enlarged hip size, and the song starts.

Even though it didn’t have any body gags or anything to make the video funny, I still found it really enjoyable. The dancing was fun and easy to follow along with, and the whole ‘gym’ theme played on the concept really well. There were little beach-like scene cuts that showed a girl sitting down and walking by in a bikini with a board underneath her arm, but I feel like it was a little awkward since it didn’t really fit into the rest of the concept. J.Y.P spends much of the music video oogling over the incredible size of this woman’s butt. He watches her like while she continues to work out and sings about how attracted he is to such an asset. Where can I find this gym, because I would love to work out in a place where everybody just dances all the time!

Even though I really loved the song and the music video was hilarious and entertaining, I have to admit that there were some things that bugged me about both the music video and the song. For example, in the beginning when he asks about her sizes, she replies with the numbers ’24’ and ’34’. (I’m assuming it’s in inches) THAT IS ONLY A 10 INCH DIFFERENCE. I live in America, where big butts and larger thighs are beginning to reshape the beauty standard, so when I see J.Y.P and his girls, I can’t help but notice how particularly…small they look. I don’t know, maybe that’s what he’s trying to portray. He likes a larger than normal hip, but not too large. And I understand that Asian women do tend to be slimmer than American women, it’s just something that I found a bit ironic in the music video.

In the song, J.Y.P states how ‘with such a tiny waist and a big hip, it’s so hard to find pants that fit’. You have no idea. Seriously. It’s ridiculously hard for women with larger bottoms to find pants that fit without needing a belt. What I mean by that is that a pair of jeans might fit your butt and your thighs, but leave you with extra room around the waist area. I speak from experience. I could definitely relate to that whole ‘thin waist big booty’ Jessi was talking. Even though I think it’s more muscle than fat, I have bigger thighs which means finding pants to fit my thighs and my waist is virtually impossible. I almost have to wear skinny-jeans all the time just to avoid wearing a belt, and even then, it’s a stretch. So, J.Y.P, know what you’re talking about before you say it in a song. Just saying.

If you haven’t already, check out both the song and the music video. What did you think about J.Y.P and his creepy ahjussi act? Did you agree with me and find it funny or did you think it was uncomfortable?

Watch J.Y.P’s Who’s Your Mama.


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