K-Pop and Line Distribution

The number one thing that I complain about when it comes to K-Pop is the line distribution. You’ll often find that certain members get barely any lines compared to the others in songs. It isn’t just one band in particular, but I’ll only be talking about some of them in this blog post.

A good example of unfair line distribution would be Big Bang’s Loser. Every member with the exception of Seungri gets his own lines and his own part to either sing or rap. Seungri sings the chorus, which would be fine if he had sung it alone. However, leader G-Dragon sings the chorus along with Seungri, which takes away from the maknae’s part. Although it is very effective for the song, it robs Seungri of fair lines. If GD was going to sing it with him, Seungri could have sang some of Taeyang’s part in the beginning or his breakdown later in the song.

Another example of unfair line distribution would be Jin of BTS. I find that Jin is often robbed of lines not only in their title songs, but through the rest of the album as well. The example that I will be using is BTS’s I Need U. I’ve included the lyric video so you can see which member sing which parts. Since Jimin and Jungkook sing the chorus, the rest of the parts are naturally left to Jin and V, however, you can see a definite difference in the amount of lines between Jin, V, Jimin, and Jungkook.

SHINee’s Symptoms is such a pretty song, it’s a shame that Minho doesn’t have more lines. I think he sings maybe…four lines out of the entire song. It isn’t that he can’t sing well. SM definitely missed out on showcasing his skills with the band in this song.

I know, I missed a lot, but I just wanted to give an example. A lot of people point out things like how that particular song or style of the singing doesn’t fit that member’s voice. Well, if that’s true, you need to choose a title song that fits every member. These are the songs that the bands are promoting with. These are the songs that they are going to reach goals with, break previous records with, and win awards with. Every member should feel proud that they’ve contributed to their certificates and trophies with more than just a couple of lines. When Jin looks back at BTS’s various awards they won for I Need U, he should feel a sense of pride, not just for his entire band, but but for what he means to the band and what he’s contributed to the band and the song in order for it to win.


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