Picking a Male Bias

Ah…biases. Liking a band is almost just as important as liking their songs. For new K-Pop fans…trust me, you’ll get used to the beautiful sea of men. For older or experienced K-Pop fans, it’s okay. Whether you’re a Noona fan, a dongsaeng fan, or even an ahjumma fan, I think we can all agree on one thing.

You don’t choose your bias…your bias chooses you.

Choosing a bias is hard. Seriously. When you have a band so well rounded and so good looking, it might seem impossible to pick a favorite. You often find that they’re good at everything (Jungkook of BTS) or that their personalities are so lovable, you can’t help but laugh at everything they do (J-Hope of BTS). They often combine a mix of cute and sexy at the same time (Kai of EXO) or they might have chocolate abs made of steel (ALL OF 2PM). Your bias might be so incredibly adorable (D.O of EXO) or super squishy even though they give off a tougher image (Z.TAO). And if you’re lucky, you might find one that combines a mix of all.

90% of female fans often find biases that are just to freaking cute. It’s no fun if they look like a walking anime character. Have you ever seen EXO’s live Christmas Day performance? Take a good look at each of their faces, especially at Kris. NOBODY SHOULD LOOK THIS GOOD DOING ANYTHING!

Often times, biases look better in a wig and mini skirt than I ever will. Oh…Taemin. What originally got me interested in SHINee’s maknae was the fact that no matter what dance he did, Taemin always made it looks effortless. Even though everyone in SHINee does well, Taemin just seems to outshine the rest of them. However…every bias has his downfall (maybe). After seeing Key’s live performance of My First Kiss by American band 3OH!3, I realized just how feminine Taemin is when he rocked his mini-skirt, fishnet, blonde wig combo.

So, to recap, biases are either too good at everything, too muscular, to handsome, too talented, or too pretty. So, I happily announce that I, after many, many months of searching, I have finally found THE ULTIMATE BIAS. I know, it seems impossible, but he’s good at rapping, not singing or dancing. He’s incredibly hot without looking super feminine, and he is, perhaps my only bias that doesn’t actually look good in that dress.

Best of luck to you and your bias hunting. Who’s your bias? Leave your bias’ name and band in the comments below! And remember, you don’t choose your bias, your bias chooses you.

Rapmonster of BTS

Taemin of SHINee

EXO Christmas Day


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