She Was Pretty – Episode 1

Since the drama is still ongoing and there are already around 11 episodes out, I decided that I would split this review up into episode reviews versus how I’d reviewed Angry Mom. Since I know some of you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll try not to spoil anything.

I already knew the premise of the drama before I started, but I was still really anticipating this drama and really expectant, as I’d loved Hwang Jung-Eum and Park Seo-Joon in Kill Me Heal Me and I was excited to see Super Junior’s Siwon’s acting skill.

I have to admit, after watching only the first episode, I wasn’t really drawn. The ending certainly ended leaving me wanting more, but I craved the second episode more because of the fact that I wasn’t ready to give up on this drama rather than because I wanted to watch more of it.

I do really like the characters. I love how close Ha Ri and Hye Jin are. I just don’t understand why everyone was calling her ‘ugly’. In fact, this is something about K-Drama that I never understand. Geum Jan Di was supposedly ‘ugly’ in Boys Over Flowers and Ji Woo often told Ra Im that she was ugly in Secret Garden, but, HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Even if she has frizzy hair and angry red freckles all over her face, she’s beautiful. She doesn’t have a bad body, it’s just that the clothes she wears are frumpy, which makes her look shapeless.

If you know what She Was Pretty is about, then you at least know that Ha Ri is pretending to be Hye Jin because Hye Jin is afraid of facing Seong Joon because she morphed from the beautiful girl she’d been as a child into an ugly (though not really) woman with frizzy hair and angry red freckles. I understand that she was worried about meeting him because she’d changed so much, but since they were best friends and each others first love, you’d think that Seong Joon would understand. I understand Hye Jin’s character, I just feel like this entire thing could have been evaded if she’d just told the truth in the first place. But where would that get us? Without a drama of course.

Another thing, Seong Joon supposedly studied in America for all of those years, but his accent is pretty thick. I know that this can happen. In fact, I know some people who’ve lived in America longer than I’ve been alive, but still have a really, really thick accent. I just find it funny because I know that Jackson from GOT7 learned English and Rapmonster from BTS was taught English as well, and both of them are very fluent with little accent. I know that Park Seo Joon can’t help his accent, I just found it really ironic since his character was supposed to have lived in America for such a long time.

So, on final thought, I liked the drama, but I really didn’t love it from the first episode. People that I’ve talked too completely disagreed with me, so what did you think? Did you like the first episode? Did you hate it?

Ah, I’ve also decided to start a rating system on my reviews. For dramas and shows, I’ll simply be rating the episode as a whole. It will be a rating from 0-10.

Rating: 6.5

It seems low, but like I said, I wasn’t really drawn in. Maybe it will change for later episodes. We shall see. So, what did you think?


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