K-Drama Cliches

K-Drama is known for its basic story-lines, wacky fashion, lovable characters, kisses that aren’t really kisses, and definitely for its cliches. In this post, I’ll be talking about some of my favorite cliches and how utterly ridiculous they are.

1.) Rags to Riches & Evil Family Members

This one is huge in K-Drama. The heroine is usually super poor and her main love interest, super rich. Whether he’s the CEO of a pristine company or a chaebol family heir, you can be sure that he’s got money. It’s a classic. Accompanied with the rags to riches concept, you almost always have a family member (usually of the guy) who is 100% against the relationship. Some examples where both of these cliches are present would be Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, Rooftop Prince, and though the family ‘approved’ the mother hated the girl in Marriage Not Dating.

2.) Hand-phones

It doesn’t matter how dirt poor you are, if you’re in a K-Drama, you have the hottest, newest, most expensive cell phone models. I never really understood this about K-Drama. If you have to work like six jobs just to make ends meet, how the hell can you pay for a phone like that?

3.) Awkward Kisses

This is definitely a big one. Kissing in K-Drama is, at many times, awkward a.f. The actors aren’t even kissing, rather smashing their lips together.

4.) Dark Pasts & Everyone Knows Everyone

In almost every single K-Drama I’ve seen, the main characters all had some sort of really dark past or backstory. While it really adds to the story, unfortunately it has become a cliche for K-Drama to include such a factor. Adding to the back story are characters that are somehow connected, whether they immediately know it or not. Young-Shin and Healer were childhood friends in Healer, Ra-Im was the daughter of the firefighter who had saved Joo-Woo’s life in Secret Garden, and Do-Hyun and Ri-Jin were later revealed to be connected in Kill Me Heal Me.

5.) Wrist Grabs

Even the strongest of characters are open to the cursed wrist grab where a male character grabs the wrist of the female character and then proceeds to either drag or lead her away. I never understood the science behind this. It doesn’t make any sense. How can even the strongest, most badass female leads allow this to happen to them?!

6.) Amnesia

This happens A LOT. Whether the character has an accident or just hits their head a little too hard, you can be sure that they’ll have amnesia. It can stretch for episodes and torture the viewers, or it can end rather quickly, making it lasting and sweet like in Secret Garden.

What did you think? What were some cliches that I left out? Which to you approve of and which do you hate? Leave your comments below!


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