Anime Cliches

You might have seen my post about cliches in K-Drama, so I’ve decided to do a post about cliches in anime. There are definitely some recognizable cliches, so I’ll be listing some of my favorites.

1.) Enlarged Body Parts

Whether it’s huge eyes or huge, un-proportional boobs, you can best bet than every anime is guilty of this cliche. Unfortunately, anime is now recognized by this cliche. When you say anime, non-anime and even some anime fans will probably think of the unrealistic body parts.

2.) The two People who Clearly Like Each Other but Refuse to Act on it

This happens, particularity in more action-oriented anime. For example, Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail. A lot of people say that they’re just friends, but no. There are definitely some underlying feelings there. It leaves fans irritated and annoyed when you can see just how different these two people treat each other, but never actually dwelve on their feelings.

3.) Power Changes

In action anime, it is obvious, even expected that the heroes and heroines will at some point heighten their power level. Even after achieving the ‘highest possible’ power, they still seem to surpass their previous level. I like to call this the ‘big change’. A good example of this would be Naruto. Naruto learned crazy new jutsu such as the Rasengaan and later created the Rasenshuriken. He learned Sage Mode and learned to harness the power of the Kyuubi and created Nine Tails Mode.

4.) Crazy Hair

As a K-Pop fan, I can appreciate crazy hair, but anime takes it to a whole new level. Characters have hair with crazy unnatural colors, crazy lengths, or even hair that just defies the laws of gravity.

5.) Comedic Scenes

Even some anime that takes a more serious note will still have a lighthearted undertone. Things like hearts for eyes when a character will see someone they like or characters that overact over tiny things just adds to the comedy and give fans a laugh.

6.) That Female Character that can Beat the Main and it’s Totally Fine

THIS IS SO IRRITATING. Sakura from Naruto and Nami from One Piece are good examples of this cliche. They are both female characters that are allowed to wail on the main characters even though if they wanted to, they could EASILY KILL THEM.

7.) The Main Character is Dumb A.F

Seriously, I think this one is my favorite cliche. Characters like Naruto and Luffy are victims of this, but it adds to their overall charm, especially since their shows really take a comedic turn.

8.) Screaming Three Feet from your Opponent but they Only JUST Notice You

This is one is seriously needs to stop. Really. I often find myself screaming at my computer every time this happens. FOR GOD SAKES, LOOK UP, HE’S RIGHT FREAKING THERE!


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