Fanfiction can be dangerous.

And disgusting.


It’s hilarious too.

This is one of my favorites. It only has a few chapters to it, but I want to praise this author for their comedic view on my favorite anime series ever. Check it out here.

There are other too. Lots of them on Wattpad, so check them out as well. If you like fanfiction, link it, I’ll read it. I’ll even review it if you want. If you find fanfiction you want people to notice, link it.


4 thoughts on “Fanfiction

        1. Lol. I just had a visual of anime twerking. If only that were a reality…there are lots more on that site, that one is just my favorite. My fanfictions tend to take a darker side, so it was really refreshing to read one that wasn’t focused on death or…sex.

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