She Was Pretty – Episode 2

This episode had me so irritated with Hye Jin, I almost stopped watching it.

If you have seen episode 1, you’ll know that Hye Jin has been transferred from her simple intern job to The Most editing team, which, coincidentally, Seong Joon is the chief editor of. Okay, so, bad, right? But, otherwise, we’d have no plot. So, Hye Jin spends the entire day trying to avoid Seong Joon…but, he doesn’t actually know who you are.

We get to see more of Siwon in this episode. Please note. If this is how Siwon intends to win Hye Jin’s heart, being all goofy and adorable, please note, when she rejects you (because she will), come to me, Oppa. I will love you whole-heartedly. Seriously.

So, in this episode, Seong Joon totally blew up on Hye Jin about something she had no way of knowing about.

And we learn. Seong Joon is an ASS. And I mean that.

I mean seriously.

Other than that, the characters are developing nicely. We get to see some flash backs into Hye Jin’s childhood, which aren’t too long or strange, so that’s a plus.

Rating: 6.4

Okay, so, it actually went down. I like this drama, but I don’t like it. It has me wanting to reach into the screen and slap Seong Joon and kiss Siwon. One thing though, Hwang Jung-Eum plays her character really well and I find that I can relate to her character Hye Jin a lot at times. So, only time will tell.

What did you think?


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