American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 1

Before this season, I never actually watched American Horror Story, but to my understanding, the seasons feature a different cast with different story lines, so they don’t actually go together. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure if this really classified as drama, but since I don’t have a horror category, and it’s a television show, that’s where it’s going.

Okay, for starters, I will let you know, this show is NOT FOR KIDS. DO NOT watch this if you can’t handle these types of things. Blood, gore, and extreme sexual scenes are present in this show, so before you go off and watch it, you’ve been warned. Also, spoiler alert.

There have been other seasons that have featured witches, but this one follows a group of vampires living in this one specific hotel. After two girls find a man hidden in a mattress and a man and a woman are glued together, the woman is killed, and the man’s eyes and tongue have been cut out, a detective appears to solve the case. He links this case to another case where a man had been brutally murdered and sodomized. The detective then becomes interested in the hotel. He is anonymously called by a man who says that he will do it again (the man-woman glued together and nailed to the headboard) and tells him which room he is in, room 64 in that particular hotel. So, this whole thing starts. The detective goes to the hotel and stakes out room 64, but nothing happens and then he thinks he sees his dead son and goes chasing after him, but he fails in finding him.

Okay, I really liked this episode. After getting past the explicit scenes, the story is actually captivating. You meet Lady Gaga who is playing the ‘countess’ and you realize that she is just perfect for this role. Acting without really acting really suits her well. What I mean by that is that her character is very cold and calculating, but without displaying too much emotion. I really liked the characters, especially the detective and I like the countess’ boyfriend a lot as well. I’d definitely recommend this show, if you can take it.

Rating: 8.3

I know, it’s a pretty high rating, but this show really captivated me. It is definitely for an older audience, so beware. Other than that, the story line is really progressing. Oh, and the episodes are longer than traditional American shows. If you watch K-Drama, you know that episodes are usually a lot longer than American shows, 60 minutes versus the American 40. This show is about that long, some episodes even stretching 70 minutes, but I love that. So much plot goes on in the show, it would be torture for fans if they actually ended it after only 40 minutes.

So, what did you think? If you’re one of my dongsaeng readers (looking at you Yuki-Chan and Hibiscus Panda. I’m serious, this show is SO explicit. 😦 This Unni will be sad if you watch it and then are saddened or scared by it. I’m not calling you guys babies or anything like that, not at all, this show is just really, really, really bad. It’s worse than R rating. Really.) don’t watch it. But, if you are older and you can watch these things and appreciate the twisted beauty, kudos to you! Tell me what you think!


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