SHINee “Married to the Music”

This video will have you saying WTF in SHINee’s Married to the Music.

I absolutely loved this music video. It’s so much fun, and even though it really doesn’t make sense, I was super excited that SHINee got a music video that wasn’t a glorified dance video. This video rocked. In fact, this past year, I’ve been super happy with SM’s music videos. With the exception of EXO’s Call Me Baby, SM has been releasing real music videos that actually have a purpose or some sort of story behind it. Well done SM for releasing good videos. Now if only you’d treat your idols right.

The music videos starts out with a neon sign that reads ‘Marriage is a Slow Death’. It then cuts to the members of SHINee sitting in a car washed in black and white. We see a woman’s gloved hand pop in a cassette tape. SHINee walks into this house, looking super pissed and irritated that they have to carry Jonghyun. Nobody is here, but Taemin drinks neon liquid and all of the sudden, the house is filled with people. Taemin is now green, but it’s a party! Taemin needs to seriously improve on his acting skills. If I turned green, I’d be a little more freaked out, versus Taemin, who looks at his hands and then back up at the camera in a seductively surprised sort of way. Well played Taemin. I know he can sing and I know he can dance, but maybe acting just isn’t on his list of talents.

So, everyone is having the time of their lives. They’re all partying and drinking neon liquids and Jonghyun’s dancing on a table top. Poor Key is strapped to a spinning board of death and the same mysterious gloved woman takes out a cleaver from this bag of knives. Onew stands and just watches as she throws the cleaver, taking Key’s head plain off. The chorus starts and we see just a peak of SHINee’s dancing and then it’s back to Key, who is now headless. Somebody in heels kicks his head and everyone watches as he flies through the air.

Onew is hitting things with a baseball bat blindfolded and hits Taemin in the back of the head. Taemin’s eyeballs pop out and they fly across the room as he desperately searches for them. Poor Onew is now drunk and crashes into everyone. He makes it to the bathroom, dunks his face in water, but surprise, someone grabs his nose! I have to say, Onew is much better at acting surprised than Taemin was. He grabs where his nose would have been, looking shocked and horrified. We also get to see clips of Minho dressed as a butler or something standing in front of a table with a bottle of wine and Key’s head.

Poor Taemin is looking for his eyes and poor Key is looking for his head. They bump into each other and then Jonghyun eats this weird cookie type thing and then…oh Onew. Onew is just the friend that would play in your confetti vomit. Then Jonghyun has a short make-out session with some mysterious woman, which leaves him without a mouth. Jonghyun however, doesn’t seem to mind because he was blown away by that kiss. Then the song breaks down and SHINee, looking very dapper in their wedding tuxedos, blows out their cake candles, catching poor Minho on fire. This mysterious woman is seen cutting pictures and then after a short dance from SHINee, the video ends with this SHINee laying in a bed with this woman sitting on top of them.

Okay, so the video didn’t make sense, at all, but if you really watch it multiple times, you can start to see a theme out of it. My theory is that SHINee married this woman or music, but she doesn’t want all five of these incredibly handsome, incredibly talented men. So, by tricking and teasing the boys, she steals what she feels is the members’ best features. Out of Taemin’s eyes, Onew’s nose, Jonghyun’s mouth, Key’s head, and Minho’s body, she creates the perfect man. Since you can’t actually marry five men at the same time, she breaks down Taemin, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and Minho, and then molds them together to create SHINee. This leads me to think that, even though Taemin and Jonghyun have released solo albums and Minho acts in K-Dramas, SHINee is still one. Each member contributes something to the ‘perfect man’ this woman has created, and each member contributes something to this band. Even if this video made zero sense, it was a LOT of fun to watch and follow. It is definitely the most Halloween-type video I’ve seen this year, but it was amazing and it was fun and it was definitely great to see something like this from SHINee.

The dance was amazing. If you haven’t seen the dance version, I’ll link it below. Watch it, you will be impressed. At first I thought that they had dialed it down a bit from their super hard, super choreographed, super in sync dances from seeing bits and pieces of it in the music video, but when the dance version came out, I was blown away. The dancing was phenomenal, and SHINee one hundred percent did not disappoint.

So, the song was catchy, the video was great, the dance was amazing. The overall concept just fits very well for SHINee.

What do you think? Do you agree with my theory or did you get something else out of it?

SHINee – Married to the Music

Married to the Music – Dance Version


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