How K-Pop Made a Difference in My Life

I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be a blog post about some crazy fan girl finding K-Pop and totally became dedicated to the fandom where everything ‘her’ idol does is perfect…almost sasaeng level. That totally isn’t the case. For this blog post, I’ll be giving legitimate reasons as to how K-Pop has seriously changed my life for the better.

In the beginning, K-Pop was just another form of music for me. It was strange, but I was delighted to find music videos that broke the mold of modern music. I delighted in the fact that K-Pop songs actually have meaning to them whereas American or Western music mostly features a lot of drugs, sex, love…you know, generic ideas.

K-Pop is actually the reason I decided to do Taekwondo. I saw a video on YouTube that featured a Taekwondo school dancing to Taeyang’s Ringa Linga. It was Taekwondo Dance Cover and I was impressed. I am that kid that starts something, but quickly loses interest. I did soccer when I was younger, I tried cross country, and even just traditional work out so I wasn’t just sitting all day, but I hated everything. Taekwondo is something I really enjoy and really set goals for myself. Plus, my school goes the extra length. When you reach black belt status in my school, you have the option of having your black belt test filmed. The master will send it to wherever it gets sent and if you qualify, you become a Korean certified black belt.

hated working out. I really wanted to get in better shape, but I hate working out so much. Seriously. How can you force yourself to do something when you can’t stand it? I had absolutely no motivation for it whatsoever. When I got into K-Pop, I was really captivated by the dancing, more so when I learned that fans actually learned the dances and played along with the idols. So I started learning the dances and quickly found that I loved it. That became my workout routine and over the course of around nine months, I lost over 20 pounds. It wasn’t that I was super big before, I just felt uncomfortable with my body, so I decided to lose weight. I got into better shape and now I watch what I eat and work out every day. Even if you prefer a traditional work out, K-Pop is perfect for exercising to. With it’s energetic beat and powerful vocals, you can time anything to a song.

It sounds lame, but K-Pop has made me more confident. I was embarrassed that my mom would do something crazy in the store, but now, I am that crazy one. I dance in the middle of the parking lot, hell, I dance in the middle of the store, and you know what, I don’t care. I was that one that would shut her mouth if she didn’t agree with someone…well, not anymore. It gives me a sort of rude reputation. I’m not a rude person, I help a lot, I speak well, I’m very nice to people, but whereas somebody else will keep it all bottled inside, I’m not afraid to tell you about yourself right then and there. If you make me mad, you’ll know it. If you’re being ridiculous, you’ll know it.

Before I found K-Pop, the only thing I was passionate about was reading. I really like anime, but everybody saw it as crazy, so I kind of kept it to myself. Now, I blast K-Pop all over the place, I sing at random, I blurt out random Korean words and phrases, I dance in the middle of the freaking store, but it doesn’t matter anymore. My family has accepted it and I have accepted that I am the crazy one. It’s even harder to find friends as crazy as you, but if you search for them, you’ll find them.

So, if you’re a K-Pop fan, embrace it, don’t hide it. K-Pop doesn’t make you crazy or strange or weird, it only allows you to notice it. K-Pop fans strive for crazy. We don’t hide it.

How has K-Pop changed your life?


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