American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 2

If you can’t handle blood, gore, and extreme sexual scenes, this show is not for you. Once again, dongsaeng readers, (you know who you are :)) refrain from watching this show. With that said, spoiler alert.

Okay, so if you’ve seen episode 1, you know that our handsome detective has decided to stay in this vampire infested hotel in room 64. So, in this episode, you see the detective continuing to live in this mysterious room. You also know that the hotel has been bought by some man and his son. Lady Gaga (the countess or whatever her name is) showed the owner’s son her room of tiny vampire children that she has created, who later shows the detective’s daughter, Charlotte the vampire children’s coffin beds. Are you confused yet? Charlotte recognizes her dead little brother in one of the coffins and later goes back to the hotel, finds their room, tries to take a picture, but he tries to eat her so she leaves horrified. Later, when she tries to tell her parents that their dead son is alive, they get angry, she gets upset that nobody believes her, and the detective goes back to the hotel, demanding that somebody tells him what is going on. He learns about the previous owner, who was a psychopathic serial killer. The countess also dumps her boyfriend for a druggie model turned vampire. The end.

I really liked this episode as well. The further along the show progresses, the more I seem to enjoy it. Like I said in the review for episode 1, there is so much plot that goes on in each episode. I love it. The characters are developing really well, and the more I watch, the more confusing it seems to get. It seems that we’re dealing with more than just vampires, but ghosts and other strange creatures as well.

Rating: 8.6

I’m really loving this show. I hope they continue down this road, and by the time the series ends, I’m hoping that all loose ends are tied up nicely. With that said, I can’t wait for more episodes.


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