When Your Family is a Train Wreck

How strange does our family sound? I have five siblings, my mother cans, and the oldest daughter (that’s me) is in love with anything Asian. I know how it sounds…we’re a train wreck. My very first blog post was a music video review of BTS’s I Need U, so I figured it was high time to do a proper introduction of myself, my family, and why I started blogging.

A few years ago, my mother started to can. She started making homemade applesauce, applebutter, and pickles red beets. She canned them through a process known as a ‘water bath’. Since then, she has expanded from simple applesauce and red beets to jellies, pie fillings, peaches, an assortment of tomatoes and tomato products, vegetables including corn and green beans, dandelion tea and honey (I know, it sounds disgusting, but the honey was actually really good), peach syrup, salsa, ketchup, barbecue sauce, pickles, relish, zucchini pickles, potatoes, chow chow (which is a type of vegetable medley), and sauerkraut (a family favorite). She also cans tea and juices. She has even gone far enough to make her own wines and hard ciders.

Canning has both its pros and cons. For example, you learn how to make your own food, which is better than canned goods you buy in the stores full of chemicals and artificial flavors. However, canning takes a lot of time, and with that, added stress. For my mother, it’s both one of the best and worst times in a year. She works from home as a medical transcriptionist, two of my youngest siblings cyber school as well, so when she isn’t working, she’s helping them with their schoolwork. When canning season starts, she buys bushels of apples and peaches at a time, she’s constantly down in the garden, and she has to work to make and correctly preserve all of this, while she is working and helping the kids with their homework. It is definitely stressful to say the least. However, it is something she really loves. And just like I love Taekwondo and K-Pop, she likes canning and being more agricultural.

I have five siblings, which makes six kids in our household. The youngest three are 3, 5, and 6. Although the three year old is the cutest thing you’ll ever see in this world, they are the most ornery children you will meet in your life. From a five year old who is the bossiest, most emotional boy I know, to a six year old who is so stubborn and headstrong (hm…wonder where she gets it from), to a three year old who follows his older siblings with the innocence of a toddler, they certainly are a handful. The other two older children are eleven and thirteen. The eleven year old is a smart pre-teen who can only be described as a boundary-pusher with a serious attitude problem who seriously just wants to fit in. The thirteen year old is the rudest boy you’ll meet, defiant, misogynistic…really, he just acts like an ass-hole 24/7, which makes zero sense since he grew up in a household dominated by women.

My mother is a thirty-five year old ahjumma. She loves canning, and gardening. She gets easily stressed out and can probably best be described as stubborn. She is largely agricultural and do-it-yourself. She has a temper, but I guess that’s where the similarities start between us. I know that she’s made mistakes in the past, but where other people see them as wrongdoings or condemn her for them, I respect the fact that she doesn’t let it get to her. I respect her the most out of everyone. I know that she’s had hardships, but she stays strong, even in the most horrible situations.

You probably already know about me from my previous blog posts. I like K-Pop, K-Drama, music, books, anime, manga, like I said, anything Asian. I guess people think I’m stubborn, I guess I have to admit that I can get attitude sometimes, I’m headstrong, and I’m smart. My mom says that we’re too much alike, which can sometimes lead to friction between the two of us. We get along pretty well, and even if it sounds lame, even though she yells at me and we butt heads sometimes, she’s the best friend I’ll ever have. And if you’ve grown up with siblings, you probably know how it goes. When mom isn’t home, guess who’s in charge? The kids hate it…I think it’s hilarious. I swear, if mom isn’t yelling at someone, I am.

There isn’t much sibling rivalry around here, but like with any family, we fight a lot. The eleven year old and the thirteen year old argue over stupid things, the thirteen year old acts entitled, the eleven year old acts clueless, and the six year old constantly gets into things she isn’t supposed to. The five year old is super bossy to which the three year old constantly follows.

I only started blogging about a week or two ago, but I love it already. I love to write, so I guess I just wanted to get my word out there. I’m still a newbie and I only have around fifteen subscribers, but I’m thankful to each and every one! Even if it’s only a handful of people, the fact that somebody actually reads what I write and wants to hear what I have to say is amazing.

So, yeah, my family sounds like a train wreck, but you know what, they’re my train wreck. I wouldn’t trade them for the world (though I’d like to get rid of some of that attitude). And yeah, we argue a lot, but we’re siblings…it’s what siblings do. We all get along okay, and even if they don’t understand the things I like, they accept it. So, yeah, we’re a mess, but what family isn’t?


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