When You’re K-Pop A.F

We carved pumpkins for Halloween. The other kids did bats and cool Halloween words.

What did I do?

B.A.P’s Matoki bunny.

Yes. For you, Zeelo-Oppa, and you Yong-guk-Oppa.

Hm…I halloweenized K-Pop.


12 thoughts on “When You’re K-Pop A.F

    1. You can’t see all of it…:(, but at the bottom of the Matoki, it says B.A.P, exactly how they write it with the slash across it and everything. IT. TOOK. ME. FOR. FREAKING. EVER. I originally wanted to do BTS’s Army logo, but I decided it was too hard, and after going through that hell with something as simple as the bunny, I’m glad I decided against it.

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            1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! YOU do it. Ugh, it was so stressful…almost as stressful as midterms and final exams, lol. I have a weird question to ask, lol. Do you live in France? I ask because I keep having someone from France coming up on my stats.

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