Get into the Halloween Spirit with K-Pop Idols

With Halloween tomorrow, I figured I’d share with you lovely readers some of my favorite pictures and videos of K-Pop idols dressing up. It can be lovely, it can be 100% accurate, but most of the time, it is just hilarious.

1.) BTS – War of Hormone Halloween Edition

2.) BTS 2015 Halloween Costumes

OH MY GOD. Jin decided to be pumpkin and it was the funniest, most adorable one. Taehyung…you can’t be Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is a girl. Rapmonster…I don’t know what you are either. Jimin was adorable, as usual, J-Hope’s costume was pretty simple, but effective. Jungkook looked good, but I think the real winner here would be Suga. OH. MY. GOD. You’ve combined one of my ultimate biases and my favorite anime ever. Well done Suga. Well done. Thanks for wrecking my bias list. That’s always fun.

3.) SHINee Halloween

Yet another Naruto. Although, I think out of all of SHINee, maybe Onew would have been the better cosplayer for that particular role, though kudos to Jonghyun for pulling it off and having fun with it. However, I still think Suga’s version was better.

4.) SM – 2015 Halloween

This link will lead you to another blog,, but it was the best compilation I could find.

5.) Hello Venus 2015 Halloween

6.) Super Junior as Frozen Characters

You read that right. Why so fabulous Heechul?

7.) Super Junior as the Avengers

This will lead you to another blog, but once again, it was the best compilation I could find. 🙂

8.) Super Junior Cosplay

Seriously, just Google Super Junior Cosplay.

9.) BTS as Girls pt 1

10.) BTS as Girls pt 2


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