My Scariest Halloween Yet

Happy Halloween! While I didn’t dress up, that doesn’t mean I’m not getting in the spirit. I’ve dedicated this very Saturday (depending on where you live) to a day of frights. That’s right, this Halloween, I’ll be spending the day…catching up on my math homework! Oh, but not just any old math homework! I mean linear programming (without the use of a graphing calculator), and the wonderful, fantastic concept of solving systems of equations with not one, not two, but three variables! A round of applause for whatever idiot decided that that was a good idea! Kudos to you sir!

If you’ve read my blog post Homeschooling: The Pros and the Cons, you’ll know that I’m home-schooled via cyber school. So, you guys might go to a traditional brick and mortar school where you’ll sit in a classroom, take notes, complete tests and quizzes, and then, at the end of the day, are sent home with a few pages of homework. However, my schoolwork replaces my homework. Depending on what type of lesson it is, it might take me half of an hour, or it might take half of the day. Well, this particular lesson I am stuck on would be a very gruesome quiz about solving linear equations. Yehet right! Wrong.

When I woke at the glorious hour of 9:43 this morning, I immediately opened my computer and proceeded to finish this particular quiz that I am particularly stuck on. It is now 11:48. I am still stuck on this quiz. I have spent the last two hours working on this ONE. FREAKING. PROBLEM. This one freaking problem has taken up three pages of my math notebook, instilled in my a deep regret for deciding to take a math this year, given me a particularly pounding head-ache that sits just behind my eyes and in my temples that is slowly spreading into the base of my skull, and has created such a hatred in me, I’d advise everyone to just slowly back away.

Oh, when I thought algebra was hard in the eighth grade, I was hesitant to take algebra 2 in tenth. But OH, everyone told me it wouldn’t be so hard. My wonderful mother (who decided to wake me up at four o-freaking-clock this morning JUST because there were a FEW, I repeat, not an entire sink full, but a plate, a couple of pieces of silverware, a few cups, were not done) exclaimed to me multiple time that ‘I loved algebra’. My wonderful mother (who right now isn’t so wonderful) who graduated from college twice with two different degrees, does not understand how to do my math. Alas, I am alone in this struggle. This one problem has me so stressed out, I feel like throwing my book out the window.

If you’re in school currently or if you’ve already graduated, tell me what your least favorite subjects are. So, on that happy note, Happy Halloween. Have fun, and to my dongsaeng readers, be safe if you decide to go trick or treating or even just out with friends.


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