Boys Over Flowers – Korean Drama

As my very first K-Drama, this drama series holds sentimental value in my tiny little heart. I loved it, and so will you. I won’t spoil anything since I know some of you haven’t seen it, so I’ll keep this as vague yet informing as possible.

This drama series is the Korean version of a Japanese manga series. It’s a classic Cinderella story. Gu Junpyo is rich, but he’s basically an asshole to everyone. He and his best friends Ji Hoo, Yi Jeong, and Woo Bin are known as F4 or Flower 4 in their school due to their incredible looks and their chaebol heritage. Geum Jan Di is a poor high school girl who works at her family’s dry cleaners. After saving a student from suicide, she is given a scholarship to the elite Shinhwa high school where she is quickly targeted due to her poor background. She befriends Ji Hoo, and though they hate each other at first, Junpyo soon falls for Jan Di. However, many problems arise throughout their relationship, including Junpyo’s mother, who disapproves of Jan Di’s poor upbringing and does anything to split them apart, even forcing Junpyo into an arranged marriage.

I loved Jan Di. She’s cool, confident, headstrong…everything I love in a female lead and more. She isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind and when she’s bullied, she takes it like a champ. Her dedication and her hard-working demeanor is what backed this drama.

I loved Junpyo as well. Even though he’s a total ass in the beginning, he grows throughout the series. He goes through a legitimate change and evolves into someone cool, though still angry all the time, openly accepts his love for Jan Di rather than hide it or be ashamed of her poor background.

My face when I realized there was going to be a triangle between Jan Di, Junpyo, and Ji Hoo:

jhope derp

Alright, I loved Ji Hoo as well. Lee Min Ho is hot, but the actor who played Ji Hoo is HOT. Although the triangle between them was short lived, I still despised it. Not that the moments weren’t sweet or that he didn’t legitimately have feelings for her, it was just that this show didn’t need more cliches. The triangle only stretched for a few episodes, because Jan Di soon realized that it was Junpyo she truly cared about. After that Ji Hoo and Jan Di became very good friends, which I liked, it was just that we knew that Ji Hoo still loved Jan Di, which made it hard for me to squash my second-lead-feels. I was secretly rooting for Ji Hoo until I really fell in love with Junpyo’s character. And though she didn’t have love lines with Yi Jeong or Woo Bin, they became legitimate friends, and I loved them for it.

Cliches, and oh my god did this show have them. This show had EVERY POSSIBLE K-DRAMA CLICHE ALL WRAPPED UP IN 25 EPISODES. From the Cinderella poor lead-rich male, the love triangle, the I-hate-you-but-now-I-love-you, the evil mother who disapproves of the relationship, the FREAKING AMNESIA. And I’m over here just like:

sehun derp

But, it was played out well. I was thinking that it’d be a happy ending. Which, depending on how you look at it, was. However, it wasn’t complete. The ending left fans with the choice to decide how they wanted it to end which I hated. I like dramas were everything is tied up nicely. Dramas were the ending is definite and leaves them in a happy place (for romance drama) are my type of drama.

tao derp

But, nonetheless, I loved it. It was funny, it was cute, it was everything I want a good high school romance drama to focus on. It was serious at times that seemed to defy the youthful direction, but it was played out very well. And although some scenes were over-dramatized, it fit well with the character concepts.

Rating: 9.2

PS: I know I’ve used those images before, but I freaking love them. The faces these three idols are making right now are all faces that I make all the freaking time. I’m serious. It’s great.




10 thoughts on “Boys Over Flowers – Korean Drama

    1. It really is a good drama. Have fun watching it! Oh, and I’m not sure if you saw I added After School Club as a recommendation. It isn’t really a drama but it’s a show for international fans. It’s really great.

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