K-Drama for Beginners

As per request, I’ve decided to do a blog post about K-Drama for beginner. So, for Yuki-Chan, here is a list of 6 of the best dramas for beginners.

1.) The Girl Who Sees Smells

It has Yoochun from JYJ in it and he is amazing. He plays his role very well, and though the premise of the drama is pretty serious, there are lighthearted tones sprinkled without which makes it a very good watch. It’ll have you holding on until the end.

2.) Boys Over Flowers

I’m going to do a proper review for this one, I promise. This was the first K-Drama I ever watched, and I’d definitely recommend it for beginners. You’ll fall in love with Junpyo and you’ll swoon over Ji Hoo. It’ll have you rooting for Ga Eul and Jeong as well as Woo Bin and…well, he’s lonely (inner 2ne1 screams LONELY LONELY LONELY LONELY), but a lovely character nonetheless.

3.) Kill Me Heal Me

Absolutely I’d recommend this drama. It is absolutely amazing. The actors play their roles so well, especially Ji Sung who has to play eight different roles at the same time. It is an amazing drama. There wasn’t much that I had to complain about, it was that good.

4.) That’s Okay It’s Love

This one is a little harder to watch. While there are lighthearted tones, it deals with psychological problems, schizophrenia, as well as other mental illnesses. However, Lee Kwang Soo (you might know him as the loveable Giraffe-Oppa from Running Man) does an amazing job playing his role and Do Kyungsoo (D.O from EXO) does such an amazing job playing his role, it’s really incredible to watch.

5.) My Love From the Stars

This one is so much fun to watch. It’s funny, it’s cute, the actors play their roles very well, and the main lead really grows throughout the series. I loved every minute of it. Even though the ending was unsatisfying, it made a lot of sense given the fact that Do Min Joon is an alien. It reminds fans of his un-human nature and calls for a more realistic view of things.

6.) Healer

10/10 would recommend. I love ninjas, and Healer is practically a high-tech ninja. I really, really loved this drama. Also, was I the only one that thought Jung-Ho looked a lot like V from BTS (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) at time with the expressions he gave and such? I really loved it, and I think you will to.

So, there you have it Yuki-Chan. Once you get more into K-Drama, I’ll make another list for me, because there are so many more that you’d love if you’re a hardcore fan!

PS: Keep watching Running Man. It is SO hilarious. Kwang Soo Oppa is my favorite. His personality in that show is so good.

PPS: Watch After School Club. It’s usually all in English. It’s hosted by Eric Nam and Kevin from U-Kiss and Park Jimin (not my glorious BTS Oppa). It’s a show just for international fans. I really love it. Check it out.




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