Things K-Pop Fans Hate Hearing

There is SO MUCH hate when it comes to K-Pop. Mostly because people just don’t understand the music and why you listen to it. So for this post, I figured I’d list some of the things that K-Pop fans hate hearing.

1.) Why do you even listen to it? You can’t understand what they’re saying.

Why do you listen to Lil Wayne? Can you understand what Iggy Azalea says half the time?

2.) They all look like girls.

Yes, and they’re all prettier than you’ll ever be. Also:

Siwon abs

Rapmonster Sailor Moon

3.) Why do you love them so much? They don’t even know you exist…they’ll never love you back.

Why do you breathe? You’ll be dead someday anyway.

4.) They aren’t even from America.

The majority of One Direction is from the UK, 5 Seconds of Summer is from Australia, Nicki Minaj is from Trinidad, and both Drake and Justine Bieber are Canadian.

5.) They’re all gay.

jin beautiful

6.) Gangnam Style is better.


7.) They’re just copying American music.

I’m glad you think that. And how would you know since all you can do is criticize it. Have you ever actually listened to a song or watched a music video without only thinking negative things? No? Then shut up.

8.) They can’t even speak English.

Hey, guess what, English isn’t the only language out there! I know, shocker! K-Pop was made to be international. Even if some songs and bands showcase English that is less than stellar (Super Junior) that doesn’t mean they can’t speak it at all. CL’s from America, Henry’s from America, Jackson’s from Hong Kong but is fluent, Rapmonster is Korean, but speaks English better than some Americans.

9.) They can’t even sing/rap.

Why? Because it’s in a different language? Jungkook, D.O, Baekhyun, Hyorin, Ailee, IU, Taeyang, Rapmonster, Suga, GD, T.O.P, Zico…need I go on?

10.) K-Pop fans are crazy.

Do I look like a psychopath to you? The same could be said for One Direction fans.

So, in conclusion, screw you!

tao derp

sehun derp

jhope derp


32 thoughts on “Things K-Pop Fans Hate Hearing

                    1. Lol, everyone’s like SHUT THE HELL UP. So what do I do? SING LOUDER. Lol, I’m the oldest, so nobody can actually do anything about it. My Mom used to get so pissed at me, but she’s accepted it now.

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                    2. Lol, I just sing because I like it and everyone is like ‘are you even pronouncing it correctly’. My reply is usually something along the lines of ‘STFU’ and if I’m in a good mood, ‘how would you know?’

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  1. Just one Correction… Henry from Super Junior M is from Canada. A different country. But I get the rant!!! I really do. However, I should point out that much of KPop is influenced by Western (American pop) music, albeit 80s more than current. However, they are now trending towards the Mexico and the Spanish speaking countries. Of course, the language is Korean because that’s who they are… But if you read through the history of KPop, the founders were first influenced by American Pop Music and translated that into Korean Pop Music.
    Yes, they sort of copy American music, but seriously?!?! So has other countries. Really. And other countries musicians have found niche markets and pieces in American radio waves. Like Enya, Savage Garden, British Invasion in the 60s and again in the 80s. I love listening to KPop, but people in my house listen to JPop instead. We like what we like. We all have different tastes in Jazz music. And Jazz has many subgenres. World music is just as different. Andrea Boccelli makes a rotation here, as well as Trans Siberian Orchestra, Kansas, Journey, and Bruce Springsteen. He’s not totally rock, by the way. He’s more Bluegrass. Ah, enough lecture. Music is music.

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    1. Whoops. I actually knew that, so I’m not sure why I said American. I know that K-Pop is heavily influenced by American/Western music, but to say that they outright COPY it, I don’t agree with. K-Pop is it’s own style, yes, heavily influenced by American music. K-Pop didn’t really COPY American music per se, they just got their ideas from it.I see your point, so thank you so much for taking the time to share and comment! I really don’t know why I said Henry’s from America. I know Henry and former EXO member Kris are from Canada, so I’m not sure what happened there. 🙂

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