When You’re Stressed for no Reason

I don’t know why, but I’ve been stressed all day today and riddled with anxiety. I feel like I can blame it on that ONE. FREAKING. MATH. PROBLEM. I was stuck on for two hours yesterday. I’m pretty sure I got that wrong as well as three other that were worth more than just one point (it was freaking linear programming, what do you expect) but honestly, I don’t freaking care.

Maybe that’s it. I’m usually a pretty good student. I do my homework, I study, and yeah, I get the occasional overdue lesson, but I work to catch it up and still end up with A’s and B’s at the end of the year. I don’t care about that one math quiz because even after staring at one problem for two hours and working on the entire quiz for a total of three, I understand it no better than I had when I’d first started. So, I know I got them wrong, but it isn’t work the stress.

Except, I’m still stressed. I don’t know why exactly. Midterms are a bit away and the only Keystone I have to take this year is English, which I’m doing fine in, so I don’t have to study extra hard for any of my other subjects. But for some reason, I have this huge headache that refuses to go away, and my shoulders are all tensed up for some reason.





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