Mino and Show Me The Money Controversy

I know that this is kind of old news, but seeing as how Mino now has a sort of ‘bad rep’ behind the entire thing, I’d figured I’d say something about it. For those of you who don’t know, Winner’s Mino was under fire for lyrics that were sexually explicit and/or misogynistic or degrading to women on the popular rap competition Show Me The Money. His lyrics translate to something along the lines of ‘Mino gets all the daughters, has their legs open like they’re at the gynecologist’, which sparked debate among South Korea and fans of the show and Winner.

kyungsoo gif

jay park

I live in America where sex dominates media. It’s all you hear about in songs, movies, T.V shows…it’s everywhere. Sex sells. So, when I first heard that these lyrics were considered controversial, I laughed. Yes, I laughed. Nice Mino. This definitely isn’t the worst example of degrading rap lyrics, nor is it the worst I’ve heard from a K-Pop idol. Rapmonster’s (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) Expensive Girl, which is a cover of Pharrell Williams Take it Off (Dim the Lights). The things he says…(did that really just come out of his mouth) made me want to reevaluate my standing on the innocence of K-Pop (not really…these past few years, K-Pop has evolved into a cesspool of sexiness). Xia Junsu from JYJ’s Japanese release a few years back entitled Intoxication is SO EXPLICIT, but in a sort of subtle way. In my opinion, Mino’s lyrics aren’t that bad.

Too bad South Korea doesn’t agree with me.

So, I have two problems with the fact that this is seen as controversial. It isn’t the fact that it is sexually explicit, it’s the fact that someone, somewhere was offended by his ‘degradation’ of women. In turn, Mino had to APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF SOUTH KOREA AND WOMEN FOR HIS LYRICS.

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South Korea is still seen as rather conservative compared to the American way of life. Lyrics like this and songs and dances that are sexually explicit are often banned from airing on certain broadcasts and from participating in music award shows. Although sometimes it’s ridiculous (part of EXID’s Up and Down was banned because of the hip thrusts). WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GROW UP SOUTH KOREA? Sometimes it just gets a little bit ridiculous.

And again, I know that South Korea tries to remain pretty strict about what airs to, I don’t know, ‘protect the children’ or whatever, but I live in America, so what I feel is overly explicit or over-the-top sometimes differs from what South Korea feels. For example, I totally see why they banned Hello Venus’s twerking move in Wiggle Wiggle, but I don’t understand why they see tattoos as a ‘bad influence’ and force them to be covered and the banning of EXID’s Up and Down is ridiculous. I tell you, I learned both Wiggle Wiggle and Up and Down, and where my cheeks get super red and I get all embarrassed to dance to Hello Venus, I happily dance to EXID. It’s more cute than overly sexy, so again, WHY WAS IT BANNED?

jhope derp

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is…you think that’s explicit or degrading?

key gif

Come to America! You’ll change your views.

Congrats Mino for daring to overstep the ‘boundaries’, and even though you had to apologize to all of South Korean women, you’ve still got a fan in me. He’s a damn good rapper. Have you heard his solo I’m Him?




4 thoughts on “Mino and Show Me The Money Controversy

  1. I think South Korea needs more people like Mino, JYJ, Junsu, Jay Park and all the others to keep pushing the envelope. South Korea is where the US was in the 50s. And in some cases still is. Of course, that’s just in the censorship thing. However, it took people who would push the envelope a little bit at a time. Eddie Murphy was the first comedian to say FUCK in a broadcast where he wasn’t bleeped out or even black listed.
    So, to Mino, JYJ, and all these rebels, pioneers, mutineers…. Fight on!!! Keep on pushing the envelope. Eventually, what is not acceptable now, will be soon. The kids are growing up and they’ll remember these days. They may view the censorship as oppressive and the censorship are oppressors and slowly shift the culture to be more tolerant… And experimental… And open… They don’t need to come here… American culture is already slowly changing their perspectives…

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    1. Lol, I know what you mean. I was going to add Jay Park’s one song, but since he’s a foreigner, I thought maybe he wouldn’t get as much flak behind sexually explicit lyrics as say Junsu or Mino would. I totally agree though. BE FREE ABOUT YOUR FANTASIES OPPA’S! WE WILL STILL LOVE YOU! 🙂

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