Jay Park ft Okasian “You Know”

Hello fellow K-Poppers, fangirls, bloggers, dongsaeng, chingu, and anime-fanatics. As I’m dreadfully sick (I know, it really sucks), I didn’t upload anything yesterday and I’ll only be uploading a short post today. I’ll spare you the gory details. Just know that my injury dealt with needles, Lydocain (you’ll have to excuse me, I’m afraid I’ve spelled it wrong…and it didn’t actually numb anything), and a scalpel. It hurt like hell, just so you know.

Jay Park…goddamn is he hot. I knew this ahjussi was a good rapper, but I didn’t know he could sing like that. Ugh…his style in this song reminded a bit of Taeyang’s soulful voice. And Okasian slayed. I loved the song, it’s really great.


This vid was banned for minors and deemed inappropriate. Guys, I’ve been a fan of Jay Park for a few months now, and I’ve seen a good deal of his music videos. I expected this from him. Ah, seems like a good excuse to bring back the Kyungsoo gif.

kyungsoo gif

GUYS, HE HAS LITERAL STRIPPERS IN HIS MUSIC VIDEO. I live in America, strippers are in music videos all the time, but I’ve never really actually seen one in a K-Pop video, so kudos to Jay Park for daring to get banned (again, I mean it isn’t like he hasn’t done this before). I liked the video, and the meaning of the song was portrayed well (sex of course, because…Jay Park).

jay park


What the HELL was that with the butcher scene? Guys, I totally enjoyed the entire video, but I don’t understand the significance of that scene. Is it because he was then gambling or doing whatever and got all that money like a boss?

People were calling this ‘Jay Park and Hyuna’s’ video, but one, she didn’t even feature in the song, and two, the butcher got more screen time than Hyuna did. She just sits sexily on a bed at the end for like, twenty seconds because, you know…Hyuna. I expect sexiness every time I see this Unni…similar to how I expect shirtlessness every time I see Taeyang. It is inevitable. Jay Park is really hot, I’ll admit that, and I can appreciate that he can rap and sing about sex as a subject (90% of the freaking time) and not actually engage in anything sexual (though that isn’t true for all of his videos, just this one). I like it, and the song was pretty catchy.

What did you guys think? (Except for you dongsaeng readers, it’s banned for minors.)




5 thoughts on “Jay Park ft Okasian “You Know”

    1. I think you qualify for all of the above, lol. I know, I only got to watch the vid by chance, so I’m not even sure if you guys will be able to on account of the rating, though I watched it through facebook soon after it was released, so it might have been restricted on YouTube.

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  1. I only saw the teasers. Can’t wait to get home to see him in all his glory!!!
    Jay Park has always been my bias in 2PM. Probably because he’s American. 😀 Love this boy. Ever since Speechless, I love his ballads. He spits sick verses , too. But I love his ballads. He infuses that voice with so much sexiness… It’s damn!!!! Welcome to my bed…. Damn!!!! Currently, metronome is on my playlist and I haven’t left it off yet.

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    1. I know, sexiness OVERLOAD. I think Jay Park is to shirtlessness and sex-appeal as Kyungsoo is to squishiness, evilness and that soulful voice of his. I LOVE Metronome, but goddamn, this song was super sexy. If you can’t watch the video (not sure if you’re a dongsaeng or a sunbae) you should at least listen to the song. You won’t be disappointed.


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