Hey guys! I’m working on a new project and I need help with it. I’m thinking of starting a new story based on an idol romance. It’d be about a girl who desperately wants to become an idol. After entering a scouting competition from a company (I’m thinking of Stardom Entertainment as the name) she meets one of their famous idols, who is a member of a famous boy band. Despite his caring and tender-hearted image, she quickly finds that the guy is actually very rude. She becomes an anti-fan after he publicly humiliates her and vows to prove her worth not only to the company, but to the idol as well.


Park Seo Hyun: Her family left her to escape from the vicious loan sharks her father associated with. Without her family, she is left poor and heartbroken. She works several part-time jobs in order to make ends meet, but due to her father’s outstanding debt, she is forced to work for the loan sharks. When she sees an ad for a scouting audition for Stardom Entertainment, she jumps at the chance. She is scouted and joins five other girls, who will form a girl group named Sirens. She meets member blank of famous boy group blank and forms an immediate dislike for him. After he publicly humiliates her, she vows to show him and the rest of her band members that she has what it takes to become a K-Pop idol.

Blank: Despite his caring and tender-hearted image, he is actually rude in real life. He has a deep dislike for those he sees as ‘below’ him and immediately dislikes Seo Hyun. He’s convinced that it was a mistake that she made it through her audition and does anything he can to humiliate her. He stops at nothing to tease her, utilizing her poor background and shameful past in order to gain the upper hand. After he sees her practicing, he is captivated by her determination. Later in the book, he acts as her mentor. He slowly starts to fall for her, which the other Siren members dislike.

So, here is where I am stuck. I only have a wisp of an idea. I need a name for the male as well as four other male names for the boy group members, and five other names for the girl group Siren members. Since it is based in South Korea, I need information on that as well. So, if you guys have any info or ideas, please let me know in the comments!

I also need ideas for titles, so if you guys have anything, please let me know! If you have any ideas about what I could do with the story, characters I could add, blah blah, please let me know! Anything will help and all ideas are accepted! If I decide to go with the story, I’ll post it on my Wattpad account and I’ll post chapters on this blog Hallyu Fangirl for easier access for you guys if you want to read it! If I decide to use one of your ideas, I will, of course, credit you!




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    1. Lol. He’s got all the hope. The thing is, I want it to be fiction story, rather fanfiction. I had originally thought of Rapmonster, D.O, or Jay Park (they are my ultimate biases after all), but I decided against it since that’d make it fanfiction. How does Kim Ri On sound from popular boy band Chaotic?

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