Starting Them Young

So, my little (she’s six and in first grade) and I are sitting together on my bed. She’s writing all of the words she knows how to write in her notebook (which really just consists of ‘I’ and ‘see’) and asking me how to spell certain words. She looks at me and says “Sissy, how do I spell SHINee?” Of course, being the best big sister I possibly could be, explained it to her. She showed me her notebook and started to giggle because ‘I ❤ SHINee’ and ‘I See SHINee’ were both written expertly with the absolute quality and precision of a six year old know-it-all.

So, like any proud Unni out there, I felt a sense of pride that my absolute odd-ball-ness and astute taste in music has rubbed off on my kid sister. She, of course, is influenced heavily by what I do (her being the youngest daughter, me being the oldest) and so, she tries to follow along with what I do. So, of course, like her big sister, she starts singing random K-Pop songs, making up non-Korean words that totally don’t satisfy the song but sound right in her brain.

Ah…it feels nice. Start them young people! By this time next year I plan to have my other dongsaeng hooked. There is little hope for my 13 year old brother and my 11 year old sister, but my 5 year old and 3 year old dongsaeng both follow me around like shadows. We shall see.




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