Have you guys seen this yet?

I’m back! Actually, I got back last night, but it was like eight o’clock and I’d been in the car all day, so I worked out and went to bed.

But anyway.


OMFG, they ate their CD and Rapmon Oppa got all into it, which was great. They seriously sounded amazing, so kudos to you boys.

I only have one complaint.


Aigoo, I swear, I complain about this all the time. BTS is a hip-hop oriented group, so the rappers all get their fair share amount of lines (most of the time), but the singers usually suffer. Ah, mianhae, JIN AND V always suffer. V did the prechorus and it was really well done and then Jungkook had the most lines (like usual) and then Jimin did part of the second chorus and half of the last chorus, but Jin, oh, Jin. The pink princess had barely any lines. Compared to the amount of lyrics Kookie got to sing, Jin’s lines were laughable. Aigoo, it irritates me. I know that there is more to Jin than just long legs and a pretty face. He’s proven himself time and time again that he is talented and that he can sing…otherwise, why let him in the group anyway? It isn’t as if BTS needs the ‘role of visuals’ that bad. Every single one of their members looks like they just walked off of a modeling set and decided to start making music for the hell of it. But Jin, Jin has talent, and it is a shame that he doesn’t get to use it.

Now, if you’ve heard Hold Me Tight, you’ll find that Jin’s part of the chorus sounds really good. Everyone does, and V’s deeper voice really fits well. However, it seems like their really popular songs, or their title songs don’t give every member the attention they deserve. It’s a shame, because if you’re one of those fans who only listens to their title songs and only watches their music videos without listening to the rest of the album, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Fans like these must have a preconceived notion about members who are neglected in their promotions…they must not be good enough to sing all of those lines. Well, they would be if they’d be given the chance.

Guys, Jin is not a bad singer. Do you mean to tell me he got into Bangtan on looks alone? I don’t think so. They all look like models. It wasn’t his dancing either…hel-lo, Mr. Traffic-cop. And I doubt that it is because they had an empty spot. BTS could have debuted as a 6 member band and still wracked in an incredible amount of fans. Would low-key fans even know the difference? Jin barely has any lines anyway.

People argue and say that Jungkook and Jimin get more lines because they are the main/lead vocals. Well, I don’t give a care who the main and who the lead is…does that mean that V and Jimin are back-up ? No, I don’t think so. If each and every member has to work so hard (especially Jin since he kind of…you know, sucks at dancing) for their promotions, they should at least have lines to show for it. It irritates the hell out of me. Maybe they have room to grow, sure, every idol and new band does, but they aren’t going to get that chance if you continue to restrict their lyrics.

Ah, sorry guys. I just wanted to share with you this performance and I went into rant-mode. (Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…just can’t compete with my inner Super Junior.)

Stay tuned (or on)! I’ll be reviewing B.A.P’S YOUNG, WILD & FREE. YES, B.A.P COMEBACK!


rapmon jaming


2 thoughts on “Have you guys seen this yet?

    1. Lol, I know. It’s not just him though, K-Pop line distribution just needs fixed in general. Like, Jimin in Let Me Know got only around two lines, with that glorious high note. Now, Jimin usually gets a lot of lines, but instead of being happy that he got less lines for a change, I just want them all to get an EQUAL amount of lines.

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