Guys, I think I finally found Jimin’s Jams.

Annyeong, and mianhae guys. I know I promised you a B.A.P review last night, but I got stuck with a mountain of home work and schoolwork to do, and then I had Taekwondo (my first night back after almost two months off because of my broken foot)…needless to say, I didn’t do the review, and I wish I had. But I promise, I’ll get it done, hopefully tonight, or maybe tomorrow, if I have to. Right now, I’ve got loads of homework and my schedule is a bit busier because I’m back in Taekwondo…I hope it won’t affect posting too much, but you never know.

But anyway…I am so freaking sore. And we didn’t even do anything to be so sore. We did forms and footwork, but I think tonight is work out (now excuse me while I go cry in a corner) which is terrible because our workouts are…intense to say the least.

Anyway (sorry, off task again), I stumbled across this video by pure chance. And it was amazing.


If you’re a BTS fangirl (or boy), you most likely know the infamous ‘Jimin…you got no jams’ from their ‘English Speaku Time’ courtesy of J-Hope. Okay…I think I finally found his jams.

Dynamic Duo ‘Jam’

(Guys, I’m starting to panic a little bit. This new posting format is weird, but all of the sudden, I can’t add videos by linking it like I used to. I don’t know if I’m just doing it wrong or you truly can’t add videos to your posts anymore without just thinking them. So…somebody please help!)

This song is really catchy and fun, but the music video is where it’s at. It’s all about bees and honey and…it sounds weird, I know, but you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Oh, and that little bit with the Big Bang cosplay…I won’t tell you which part…you’ll have to watch the entire video for it! It was done brilliantly and it was hilarious. I really liked it, so, check it out.


rapmon wave


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