EXO and Lip Syncing

Annyeong! So, if you’re a K-Pop fan, you most definitely know EXO. You might not know all of the members, or all of their songs, but you’ve at least heard of them. Why? Because they are everywhere.

EXO has an astonishing number of fans…and an even bigger anti-fan following. You guys probably know, I’m EXO-L and proud to be one. However, I think EXO-L get called out for liking EXO just as much as EXO gets called out for being EXO.

Usually, you can’t hear EXO’s name without having ‘controversy’ connected to the end of it. It seems that so many people hate EXO, they find anything to complain about.

jhope derp

If you’ve seen the 2014 Mama awards, you’ll know that EXO did their performance and, yes, they did lip sync the entire thing, or almost the entire thing. I’m still not sure about D.O’s Tell Me What is Love, but, yeah, I can tell that they did lip sync the rest. Does that mean that EXO can’t sing or that they have no talent.


Does that mean that they are giving netizens an opportunity to point out how overrated the band is.


Guys, I don’t (and don’t claim to) know and completely understand how idols’ contracts work or the relationship between an idol, their manager, and then whoever else oversees their promotions. However, I think that if EXO lip syncs a song, they are told to do it. Netizens and anti-fans point out how EXO is guilty of lip syncing 90% of the time, with the exception of (most) of their comeback stages. I agree. EXO is the one SM band that lip syncs the most. I’ve seen a lot of their live performances, and absolutely, there is room to grow. Their dances are tiring and difficult, which leads to the singers’ fatigue and leads to a less than stellar performance.

And to all you people who are about to point out SHINee’s Everybody and how hard that dance was and how amazing they sounded in their live performance, shove it.

I know, SHINee is ‘effing great. I’m a Shawol too. HOWEVER! I know that SHINee has been SHINee since like 2008 or 9. EXO has only been EXO since 2012. It’s safe to say that SHINee has grown in their six or seven years of promotions. If you compare their early live performances like Replay, or Ring Ding Dong to View or Married to the Music…even Symptoms, you can see OBVIOUS growth. Why? Because they’ve had the time and experience to train and make their performances better. EXO is still a fairly new band. I think that the fact that they have so many fans in such a short amount of time is great. All that they’ve accomplished in 3 years…they’ve held multiple solo concerts, and even a dome concert.

Now, I’m not defending EXO, not exactly. Honestly, I would love for them to sing live more often. I KNOW that they have wonderful voices. Baekhyun…Kyungsoo…Suho…Chen…(formerly) Luhan…a band with so many powerhouse vocals shouldn’t be forced to lip sync so often. However, I wish people would hate on the managers or whoever else for telling them to lip sync than hate on the band themselves. Guys, they have ‘effing awesome songs. Overdose and Growl are really great tracks, but their non-title songs are where its at (with the excpetion of What is Love, that song will always be one of my favorite songs ever) with What IfBaby Don’t CryTransformer…EXO is a pretty awesome band.

Guys, EXO makes mistakes. They don’t claim to be perfect. They fall during performances or slip and almost pass out from exhaustion. They aren’t perfect, and I wish people would stop complaining that they try to be.

exo derp

You’ve got Kyungsoo who has the nickname of ‘Satansoo’.


Kai, who unofficially has the role of ‘sexy’.


And Sehun, who is the freaking king of derp.

sehun derp

There is more to EXO than just pretty faces and lip syncing. They have talent, seriously. Here is a live performance of their non-title ballad ‘My Answer’. They sing this 100% live (I think, it sounds pretty awesome) and they still sound amazing. (Kyungsoo though…) Guys, real men where pink. (Just ask Jin.) Here is a live performance of their non-title track ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. I know that these two really only showcase 3-4 out of their (once 12) 9, but these songs are good examples of their talent. And…their debut stage. This is one of their very first live performances. Take a look. They are all DRIPPING in sweat. There is no way that this was their very first performance, but they still do a good job. Kyungsoo’s voice breaks in the beginning, but it happens. Have you ever heard that happen to SHINee’s Onew, all the time. And here, one of their newer releases, ‘Love Me Right’.


Furthermore, the members who have left EXO (because of SM, the company, not EXO, the band) have made quite a name for themselves with their solo releases. Z.Tao has released some really great tracks, leading me to believe that this Oppa was not given his fair chance to shine in his boy band. (Again, not blaming EXO) And Luhan, his releases are great as well. I especially liked Good Good.

So, SM, stop making the boys lip sync. And netizens, stop pointing out the fact that they lip sync. We know. We also know that it might not be their fault that they are lip syncing. Think of how much EXO has to perform…if they sang live 100% of the time, they’d have no vocal cords left. However, I do agree that they lip sync too much. If they are going to lip sync, they need to sing live for the really important performances like Mama their live stages.

Oppa’s, fighting!


rapmon funny


2 thoughts on “EXO and Lip Syncing

  1. May I ask why singles/lead-singles are called “title track” in Korean music industry when in fact they aren’t?

    We have the song “EXODUS” from the album EXODUS, it’s the title song/track from that album, yet “Call Me Baby” is the “title song”? I understand what they meant but the words are misused, is this an error or did they attempt to twist the english language lol


  2. Also, I don’t agree with stopping with the comments saying that they lip sync. As much as I enjoy these guys’ music and performance (on a subjective scale, of course, since most of them are REALLY far from being technically good singers), I’d prefer them have a break for one year at least. I think Korean companies like SM should let the artists be human once in a while, instead of making them keeping a facade like this.


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