November Monthly Challenge

Annyeong! I’ve decided to start something here on Hallyu Fangirl. I’ve seen it done on some other blogs, and I thought it would be cool to try!

These challenges will be:

  • A.) Issued on the first of every month.
  • B.) They will cover a multitude of categories and subjects.
  • C.) You can either make a blog post with your results or reply directly to this post.

Seems easy, right?

So, I know it is late, but this is a monthly challenge for November. (Since it’s the first one, it’s experimental. This one will be easy…others might not be!)


Compile a list of 5 of your favorite singers and list 2 reasons as to why they are your favorite. (There is no language barrier for this challenge.)


Here are my results: (In no particular order)

1.) The Weeknd

  • He has what I like to call a ‘bedroom voice’.
  • His hair is out of this world.

2.) Do Kyungsoo (D.O of EXO)

  • His voice is like honey on velvet. Smooth A.F.
  • It doesn’t matter what he sings, he dominates.

3.) Jazmine Sullivan

  • Her voice reminds me of Whitney Houston in some of her songs.
  • Her style is very Hip Hop/R&B

4.) Kim Seok Jin (Jin of BTS)

  • He is 100% underrated. He is 90% the black horse of that group. (Why only 90%? You don’t look at Rapmonster for the first time and think, yup, he’s totally a rapper.)
  • He has proven himself that he can sing despite the UNFAIR LINE DISTRIBUTION.

5.) Carrie Underwood

  • (I know, you guys are like…WTF? Carrie Underwood? YES, I listen to some country too.) Her voice is natural talent. She either won or almost won American Idol.
  • Her songs aren’t typical country songs. I enjoy them a lot and sing along to them whenever they come on.

So, there you have it. What are YOUR monthly challenge results?


rapmon funny


7 thoughts on “November Monthly Challenge

      1. Its kk. 🙂
        I’d say…
        Ariana Grande because her voice goes out of this world high, and she doesn’t give a damn what people think of her.
        Tay Tay because her songs are amazing and she writes them herself.
        Sara Bareilles because she has such a nice voice and she also plays piano, writes her own songs, and sings them, which is really impressive.
        Hmm… all I can think of for now…

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