Why I’m Different from other Fangirls

I’m not crazy.


rapmonster twerk gif

No, seriously guys. I once saw an article where an EXO-L threatened to bomb a Big Bang concert.

Are you serious?

You are?


I like bands, and I can be part of many fandoms, but that does not give me an obligation to like every single of their songs. For examples IGOT7, but I wasn’t a really huge fan of ‘Just Right’, but I loved ‘I Like You’ and ‘A’. I’m a Baby, but I hated a lot B.A.P’s ballad releases. I’m an ARMY, but I…actually I love all of BTS’s songs. (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) I’m a Shawol, but I disliked a few of their old songs. I’m a VIP, but I disliked ‘Let’s Not Fall in Love’ and ‘Monster’ really just didn’t do it for me. I’m Blackjack, but I disliked ‘Crush’. I’m a Sone, but I hated SNSD’s new song ‘Lionheart’. I’m an EXO-L, but I really disliked ‘Angel’ and ‘Baby’ and some of their older releases (even ‘Wolf’…mianhae die-hard fans).

So, anyway, yeah. I think fanwars are stupid and I jump at the chance to call ‘fans’ out on their stupidity. Really, do we need to have a fanwar between EXO-L and VIP. THESE TWO BANDS ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT STYLES. BIG BANG HAS BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS AND EXO IS STILL RELATIVELY NEW. ARE YOU ‘EFFING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?


So anyway, yeah. I’m a fangirl, but I’m not. Does that even make sense?


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