Wu Yifan (Kris) “Bad Girl”

I’m going to say, right off the bat, if you’re a die hard fangirl…avert your eyes. Don’t get pissy with me because you can’t handle what I have to say. With that out of the way…

Annyeong! It’s late(ish). It’s like 10 o’clock at night, I have to be up early to help my church in the morning (I have to be ready at 8, which is pretty early for me) and instead of finishing my homework and going to bed, I’m doing a music video review. (Like always, it will be linked at the end of this post.)

Ah, it feels good to be back. Guys, I haven’t done a music video review in FOREVER. Oh…never mind…I just did B.A.P’s comeback. What I meant to say was…I haven’t done a PROPER review in for-freaking-ever. Yup, you’ve guessed it, I will be TEARING APART this particular song AND music video. You already know from the title…for this review, I’ll be totally trashing sorry, reviewing Wu Yifan’s (otherwise known as Kris [Krease], former EXO member) song Bad Girl. WARNING, WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS LONG AND TOTALLY, BRUTALLY HONEST.

The music video starts and you see a pair of legs clad in ripped (distressed or whatever the hell they’re called) jeans. And the shoes. The shoes. Guys, I’m that person that would choose high tops over heels any day and I freaking LOVE Converse, but…those shoes…that he is wearing…are…horrible. So, he’s walking, and then all of the sudden he is standing. Kris Wu flashes on the screen. He’s standing there…and then he’s sitting there (on some sort of rooftop, I think)…and then he starts to narrate. It’s in Mandarin, so I cannot (unfortunately) complain about whatever cheesy mess he’s forcing us to listen to.

He’s still on the roof and he’s still wearing those goddamn shoes. Oh, but that isn’t all. He’s also wearing this really furry jacket and an EXO bucket hat from Overdose. And now he’s sitting on this roof and there is a girl, just standing there, dressed in red (she absolutely reminds me of the girl from TVXQ’s Mirotic). She’s standing on the roof, holding a longing hand out towards him and he’s just looking at her, continuing to narrate. He ends his totally cheesy narration with English words “’cause you are…a bad girl.” It’s pronounced well, but I expect that as he speaks fluent English.


Okay, the music actually starts in the music video. Now it changes (to a completely different girl mind you) and he is handing flowers to his lovely lady. She’s feeding him (it looks like cherries) and they are drinking wine and having a good old time. Okay, right off the bat, I have something to complain about. If it wasn’t the shoes, furry jacket, EXO’s bucket hat that got me, it is his goddamn high school sports player outfit he’s wearing in this scene. They are drinking WINE goddammit WINE. Wine is for sophisticated gatherings of socially acceptable gentlemen and their accompany dates. Krease looks like a high schooler with his jersey, distressed jeans, unruly black hair combo. Are you telling me that THIS joker is sophisticated enough to be drinking wine IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ‘EFFING DAY?


I also want to say that this scene is totally cheesy. Also…I don’t think that I have ever seen Krease with black hair. I think even from his Mama debut in EXO, he had colored hair…no, he even his silvery-white hair in What is Love. I’m not complaining (okay, maybe a little bit) because I assume that his natural hair color is black, but I feel like his hair style makes him look even more like a teenager. Looking back at his EXO days and the suits he would wear (even if he did pair high tops with suits while everyone else was wearing leather shoes) Krease exuded swag and confidence. I’m not sure what happened here, but…I am really hating his fashion in this music video.


Alright, we’re only 40 seconds in, and already, I hate everything.

Okay, so the music actually starts. As in, Krease starts to sing. You get to see a glimpse of his new tattoos (or maybe they’re old, hell if I know) and it only makes it seem awkward. He had them done (I don’t even know if they’re real) in the strangest of places. A cross on the side of his neck…and then a little cross beneath that…and then there are more on his arm as well.


Guys, I’m a sucker for a guy with tattoos (ahem…Jay Park), but Krease’s just seemed really awkward in an attempt to make him look more…I don’t know…badass?

So anyway, he’s singing and he’s standing on the roof in his terrible shoes and furry coat and his EXO bucket hat and then he’s sitting on the bed, throwing picture frames while singing. All the while, his girl (I don’t know if it’s just the lighting of the room, but her face looks way darker around the 0:58 mark…and her lipstick is OVER THE TOP NEON PINK) just stands there sort of smiling. And then Krease is singing while sitting on the bed looking kind of upset (not a very good actor in this music video, mind you) and she is just standing there. She’s now wearing a form fitting black dress and he…still…looks…like…a…high school freaking delinquent. Again, with the (overly) distressed jeans (this time black) and now he’s wearing a muscle shirt. (Okay, his outfit sucks, but I freaking want his high tops in this scene.)

Krease starts rap(singing). The girl throws his flowers back at him and then pushes him into the bed. Like…DAMN…what did he do to you?! He’s rapping (talking) to her and she’s just standing in front of him with her hands on her hips (like a model pose, not angry at all) and then you see a shot of her a little further away with her arms crossed. SHE’S LITERALLY JUST WALKING AROUND IN HER BLACK DRESS AND SHORT HEELS GIVING LITERAL FREAKING MODEL POSES WHILE HE’S LOOKING AT HIS PHONE AND THEN THROWING IT AND KICKING THE FLOWERS AND HAVING A FREAKING MELT DOWN.

Mianhae…this music video is really irritating me already.

The girl (still in her NEON FREAKING PINK LIPSTICK) waves at him (you know, the sassy ‘bye bye’ wave) and then literally kicks him in the chest WITH her heels on. Guys, this chick is borderline abusive.

Okay, scene change. Now they’re…boxers? Oh…wait…never mind. I think they’re doing a photo shoot concept with this scene. The girl is dressed in gold (with gold boxing gloves) and Krease is wearing a boxing (outfit?). (Is that even the same girl?) And the girl’s boobs are oiled up (for some reason) and she’s got braids in her hair now. She’s punching the bag (totally unrealistic but…okay) and Krease is singing about how he ‘thought it wouldn’t be like this’. Like…what? LIKE WHAT KREASE? BECAUSE YOUR ‘EFFING MUSIC VIDEO MAKES NO ‘EFFING SENSE.

Anyway, there are more shots of Krease singing on the roof, and then the photo shoot concept changes. I’m beginning to this that the girl is being portrayed as a ‘bad girl’, as before, she was (supposed to be) a boxer, and now, she’s sitting on a motorcycle with Krease. (Krease, that is NOT how you ride a motorcycle.)

Another photo shoot change and now they’re…in a Western movie? What the…hell? Krease is dressed up like a…cowboy(ish)? Photo shoot concept change, and now they REALLY are cowboys. Wait…is that the same girl? Did she change AGAIN? NO! THERE IS AN ASIAN WOMAN PLAYING THE COW GIRL…AN ASIAN (I think) WOMAN PLAYING THE TVXQ MIROTIC LOOK ALIKE AND A FOREIGN WOMAN PLAYING THE ORIGINAL ABUSIVE GIRL, THE BOXER, THE MOTORCYCLIST, AND THE ‘EFFING WESTERNER. I’m beginning to think that they aren’t the problem. Maybe you (Krease) just need to stop being a player and settle on one.


Alright, now the song breaks down. Oh, Krease is ‘effing pissed. Now his new girlfriend is at the club with some other dude (that he miraculously can see through his phone, or had someone film her). Oh he-ll no. He stalks into the bathroom and takes off his shirt, flashing more of his awkwardly (sexy[ish]) tattoos.


(I know that it’s grainy, but it is the only one I could find.)

Okay, Krease is pissed. He’s yelling and crying and it…totally does not fit with the light-hearted wackiness of the entire music video. It’s similar to that awkward scream break-down in EXO’s Mama. You didn’t expect it, and it didn’t really fit in with the song. However, where I didn’t mind Kai’s strange make-up and Krease’s seductive face-boxes in EXO’s debut, this scene is totally not cutting it for me. (What am I saying, so far, I’ve hated the entire music video.)

Alright, Krease is now at the club. He’s starting to look more like Krease and less like high school sports player turned delinquent. He’s got on a leather jacket and a cap over his shaved head. Only…he isn’t bald…he’s got weird pieces of hair hanging behind his ears. What the…hell?

So, he’s pissed. He goes up to the girl (that he’d seen through his phone) and grabs her. (You know, that infamous K-Drama wrist grab.) So now she’s pissed and she pushes him and then they have like a 10 second stare off. Now they’re arguing in the middle of a club (guys, I’ve never actually been to a club, but I doubt they look like THAT) while we see shots of chicks dancing (is that supposed to be sexy?).

Now we see flash backs of him and all his girls. Then he’s sitting on a step looking upset with his head in his hands while some girl just stands there like ‘WTF is wrong with him?’ The music video ends with someone stepping on a picture and breaking the glass.


Guys, I can not EXPRESS to you how disappointed I was, not only with the music video, but the song as well. The girls in the music video are really just used as props. Sure, he interacts with them a little bit, but I think I felt more of a love connection in Seventeen’s Mansae where the girl totally is not into those incredibly handsome boys(men), than what I did in this music video. So, I don’t know if Krease is a bad actor or if he is just not right this type of role. Also, I know that he shaved his head (he looks hot, not gonna lie), but it flashes back and forth to Krease with black, unruly, high-school hair, to Krease who is bald, to Krease who is bald with pieces of hair at his ears. It’s awkward and it’s weird, and I wish they just would have stuck with one hair style.

That isn’t to say that the song was bad. I just really expected something super bad-ass for Krease. He was always seen as the tough leader-type during his EXO days. He had swag, and he was undoubtedly one of their handsomest members. (Who am I kidding, they’re all hot.) I don’t know…maybe that’s what he is trying to say. He isn’t from EXO anymore…maybe he doesn’t want to be seen as just ‘Kris from EXO’, but as ‘Wu Yifan’ or ‘Kris Wu’ the Mando-pop star. Perhaps Krease is trying to shed his old image and replace it with one that he can better identify with. I don’t know…but to go from badass swaggy sexiness to…a high school delinquent player who just so happens to own one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I have ever seen in my life…is…disappointing to say the least. Disappointing and awkward.

It seemed like Krease was trying to portray his youth, the innocence of young (or old[ish]) love, and his badassery all at the same time. His youth…the clothes. God, the clothes, I hated the goddamn clothes. The innocence of young love…in the beginning, him and his girlfriend are seen just having fun. They’re totally in love as she feeds him cherries. They both look really young, and for that scene, wine did not fit with the concept AT ALL. As for his badassery…showing his tattoos…taking his shirt off in the bathroom…getting pissed and just shouting randomly…grabbing his girlfriend and arguing with her in the middle of the club…guys, it just didn’t fit. This music video made ZERO sense. I was confused from the moment it started, and the ending left me with more questions than answers.

As for the song…I don’t know. I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it. Once again, his transition from badass to almost cutesy-like is so awkward, it was hard for me to watch. He was the rapper of EXO-M and the leader as well. He was usually seen as the more adult-like member. He was smart, did well in learning languages, and excelled in rapping and wasn’t bad at dancing or singing. Guys, he was the EPITOME of manly in a boy band like EXO. I find it funny that Luhan, who was really known for his pretty voice, is rapping in Good Good, and Krease is singing in Bad Girl. It just…doesn’t seem right to me. So, the song wasn’t all that great. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t catch me. It isn’t rock…or rap…really, it’s a pop hit, which isn’t bad, as I love a lot of pop hits and pop stars. However, I feel like this sort of song doesn’t fit Krease’s deep voice and his style, regardless of what he’s trying to go for as a solo artist.

And I know, like I said before, maybe he’s trying to make his own image. Maybe he’s looking at his old EXO days and thinking…’yeah, I want to change that.’ The problem is, you can’t expect fans to just forget about his EXO days. You can’t just expect fans who were originally EXO-L and with Kris as their bias to just totally erase EXO from their minds. The fact of the matter is…EXO made Krease. Could he have become a solo artist in China from the get-go? Probably. But that isn’t how the cards were laid, and one fateful day in 2012, Wu Yifan debuted as Kris, rapper of EXO and leader of their sub-unit, EXO-M. Yes, EXO will always be a part of Krease’s history and Wu Yifan (or Kris Wu) will always be remembered as ‘Kris of EXO.’ He hasn’t changed his name and he still uses his stage name of ‘Kris.’ EXO is the reason that he (most-likely) has so many fans right now. I’m willing to bet that at least 60% of Kris Wu’s fans are or were once EXO-L who are excited to see what their Oppa has in store. So, yeah, I understand wanting to become your own thing and create your own image, but Oppa, this is not the way to do it.

So, in conclusion, the music video sucked, the song wasn’t all that great, and honestly, this entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. You guys, I don’t have a grudge against Krease. Not at all. I totally understand him leaving EXO and SM if what he’s saying about slave contracts and such is true. I believe it. He isn’t the only member to have left EXO, or SM altogether. However, I really loved Z.Tao’s solo releases (and it is NOT just because he’s my Ultimate Bias) and I really enjoyed a lot of Luhan’s releases. I’m hoping that, in the future, Krease can figure out what he wants to do…does he want to go for the cutesy concept, or go back to his bad-ass, tough roots?  (I’m secretly hoping for the latter, but if it makes you happy Oppa, I’ll follow along.) I’ll be waiting for any new songs. I have faith in your solo abilities Oppa.

Wu Yifan’s “Bad Girl”.

Mianhae guys. Rant…over(ish).


v sexy gif


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