Panda-Syndrome & Kyungsoo-Syndrome

Annyeong! For this blog post, I’m going to tell you how it is living life as A.) a panda, and B.) Satan!

(Sorry Oppa, I don’t actually think that you’re Satan.)

I have something that I like to call Panda-Syndrome. And, no, Panda-Syndrome is not fostering a love for pandas and all things related, including Z.Tao, and Big Bang’s Seungri. (Although, I do love both of them.) Guys, let me tell you what Panda-Syndrome is.

I was looking in the mirror the other day and I thought that somebody had punched me in the face and I just didn’t know it. But, nope. Nobody punched me. It took me a minute, but I have legitimate dark circles around my eyes. Other people might have a bit of discoloring or puffiness underneath their eyes from a lack of sleep. Nope. Not me. My dark circles manifest themselves as black markings starting from the corner of my eye and stretching ALL the way around it. Up against the side of my nose, stopping on when it hits my eyelid. So, as you can see, I clearly have a bad case of Panda-Syndrome. Guys, I sleep like, 8-9, sometimes 10 hours a night, but it seems like I never get enough sleep.

NOTHING HAS WORKED TO GET RID OF MY PANDA-FACE. All of that stuff they say to get rid of dark circles…ice cubes…cucumbers…yeah…right. That’s why I still look like Po’s ‘effing little sister. (Po…from…Kung Fu Panda.)

So, yup, I’m secretly the Panda-overload who rules her minions with a stone cold…paw?

So, I know what you’re thinking. “We already know she has Kyungsoo-Syndrome…D.O’s her ultimate bias and she NEVER lets us forget that.” WRONG. That isn’t what Kyungsoo-Syndrome means.


Let me explain what happens. I might be sitting there, reading a book or watching T.V (on the rare occasion I do), or eating…you know, just carrying out regular life. And suddenly, someone will ask me ‘what’s the matter?’ And I just look up at them like ‘WTF, nothing is wrong…SHOULD something be wrong?’

And WHY do they constantly ask me why I’m mad? I just have one of those faces. Otherwise known as a resting-bitch-face. Do I have to apologize for the way my face looks? I’m SORRY I WAS BORN THIS WAY.

So, Kyungsoo-Syndrome because…if you’re a fan of EXO, you know that Kyungsoo is often called out because he is always serious. He just looks pissy all the time when he isn’t smiling. And that’s what has happened to me.


v sexy gif


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