Short Story Tag

Annyeong! Thanks Yuki-Chan for forcing I mean tagging me to do this!


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Create a short story containing the words the person who nominated you provided.
  • Nominate one person and give them twelve words to create their own story with.
  • Tell the person who created the tag. (Chingster3)
  • Comment on fantageglimmershimmer giving Chingster3 the the link to where you did the tag.

Guys, be warned. I saw some of the tags, and they were more like paragraphs. Ya’ll know that I’m a writer, so my short story, is a story.

My words:

1.) Yuki

2.) K-POP

3.) Snow

4.) Death

5.) Sally

6.) Psycho

7.) Anna

8.) Blood

9.) Swords


11.) Marinate

12.) Fashionista

So, here goes.

He breaths in deeply. The scent of her blood permeates the air, increasing his hunger. From his perch, he can see directly through her second-floor window. He watches, feeling no shame as she takes off her shirt and slips out of her tight little skirt.

He’d followed Anna since she was younger. They’d first met when she was eight years old. He’d first fed off of her when she twelve, and since then, they’d been inseparable. That is, wherever, and whenever she went, he followed behind swiftly, sticking to the shadows so as not to startle her.

Oh, he knew all about Anna. She was nineteen years old, and could best be described as a…fashionista. Was that the word? He wasn’t quite sure. She loved South Korean music…K-Pop, he thought it was called. True enough, he could hear G-Dragon, her favorite artist, on high blast through her window. Sally was her best friend, and they were inseparable.

He hated Sally. She was irritating. He didn’t understand her motto, and he’d often had to carry her home after she’d been drinking, screaming ‘TONIGHT IMMA GET CROOKED’ in his ear. He hated Sally, but he knew how much she meant to Anna, and as long as she was in the picture, his mission was made that much harder.

Something cold touches his cheek. He looks up in surprise as the season’s first snow cascaded from the sky. Anna loved the snow. Sally hated it. In fact, he wasn’t sure why she and Sally were friends in the first place. He’d get rid of her one day. Her death would be easy, and simple. He’d barely get his shirt dirty. He’d feed…no, he’d save her blood…use it to marinate his next meal.

Careful…that’s a dangerous thought. She’d be gone, sure enough. And then he’d take Anna, and she’d be his. She’d be all his. All his and nobody else’s. Sally included.

“Wah! It’s pretty,” He shrinks back into the branches of the trees as Anna opens her window, leaning against the sill. She presses her breasts together as she looks up at the sky. With her neck craned like that…he inhales deeply. His gums are on fire. He allows his canines to elongate, cutting into his bottom lip. He licks his lips with greed, staring with bated breath as Sally joins Anna at the window.

“Get back in here, Anna. You’ll catch a cold. What are you, psycho or something? Put your damn shirt on!” Anna sticks her tongue out at Sally, and for a second, white hot anger clouds his vision. He looks at Sally, pure hatred burning in his eyes.

She doesn’t notice. Of course she doesn’t. She’s just a fleshie.

But Anna…Anna was different.

Meow…he looks over, hand on his sword. The offender is a small, black and white cat, it’s nose pink, it’s eyes steely black. He sighs, taking deep breaths. His heart was beating so fast, he was sure that both women could hear him, confined in Anna’s small room, decorated with dozens of the foreign boy-band posters. “Geez Yuki,” He slides his sword back into its shell, patting the cat affectionately on top of the head.

His mouth is on fire. White hot fire. He winces in pain as she turns back towards the window. With even less clothes than before, Anna stands right in front of the window. Her chest, completely bare as she pulls her over-sized pajama shirt over-top of her breasts. That’s it. He can’t take it anymore. He crosses the distance between the tree and the roof. In the blink of an eye, he’s through the open window. Sally screams, but he doesn’t care.

Anna doesn’t even flinch as he sinks his teeth into her. It isn’t the first time…no, and it won’t be the last. Because she is his. And only his.

He’d make sure of that.

Mianhae guys, that kind of sucked.

I nominate Lynlyn.

  1. Japan
  2. Naruto Shippuden
  3. Anime
  4. Infires
  5. Jams
  6. Fanfiction
  7. Fangirl
  8. Algebra
  9. Discombobulated
  10. *Gwiyomi
  11. Taekwondo
  12. Something

*Gwiyomi is cutie or cute in Korean.





25 thoughts on “Short Story Tag

    1. OMG, I’m sorry if I offended you! I was just saying that I did a longer ‘short’ story, versus others who were able to format their story into shorter ‘paragraphs’. I’m so sorry if I offended you! Thank you so much for liking and reading it though!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha, I wasn’t really trying, and I just tried to make it funny and random, it only took like a minute. But when it comes to writing a Language Arts short story assignment, geez, I could write a few pages! Haha, but I gues it kinda depends on my mood and the words I have to work with. xP

            Liked by 1 person

              1. My teacher makes fun of me and a few others for writing so much, he’s like “You’re answers need be only a paragraph, so don’t write a whole essay…. person x, person y, and mwa!” XD And yes, Yuki is the very goddess that introduced me to the majestic world of Korean Pop Music and I found it much to my liking of… I give up, this form of speech is too much work. And yes, I like k-pop. 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. GREAT! I’m assuming you’re a dongsaeng then? Are you and Yuki the same age or around the same? My teacher never sets limits on our work, but if it is something I really LOVE doing, you can expect a few pages out of me. Two years ago, we had to do a joint English and Science project and it was on time travel…that thing was 40 pages long (double spaced), and by the time I was finished, I had written a literal novella and an accompanying power point as well.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Dongsaeng as in younger person… of who? And I don’t know how old Yuki is XD unless I’m just being stupid and it’s somewhere really obvious, I don’t really know anybody’s ages. 😛 And yeah, I can write a lot when I want but then it ends up being too much… One time, I got marked off on one of my assignments for writing too much TnT and it was only like an extra paragraph. -.-

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’ve learned not to write as much. ._. For a test, we had to write an essay (but for some reason the teacher let us write our answers at home and just copy it onto the test o.o Nice, but weird) and I wrote too much so I had to cut A LOT out for the sake of saving time.

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Okay, so I forgot that you are an anime fangirl, not K-Pop AND anime. It’s a joke with this one band. They were doing an interview and one of the questions was in English. It was something like ‘What inspires you to write.’ The member (Suga) answered in Korean, and then he was like…’Infires? Infires man, infires!’ The other members where like ‘No, it’s in SPires.’ to which Suga repeats ‘INSPIRES MAN’. Sorry, I should have explained better! Thinking back, I should have put kawaii instead of gwiyomi.

      Liked by 1 person

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