Why I’m Not Actually Lazy

Annyeong. I’m irritated. Wae? Because…it’s 9:20 in the morning right now and instead of still being asleep or just waking up, I’ve been awake for the past hour and a half. And I have a headache.



If you follow BTS, you’ll know that fans often jokingly call Suga ‘lazy’ because he is said to sleep a lot. However, Suga has retaliated by saying that he sleeps in short bursts and that he’s awake when the other members are sleeping. If you’ve read my posts or if I’ve commented on someone else’s you probably know that I often say how important sleep is to me. You guys also might know that I’m cyber schooled, so I’m always on my computer. Sleep + Computer 24/7 = Lazy…right?


So I decided to make a blog post telling EXACTLY why I’m not lazy. (And why Suga isn’t either.)

For starters, I may be cyber schooled, but that doesn’t mean that I sit all day without anything to do. Guys, my school is legitimate. And, yes, I have to take all of the tests and PSSA’s and Keystone exams as well. My classes are all Honors (with the exception of Physical Science) and I’m taking Japanese II. (I plan to take Mandarin next year because my school doesn’t offer Korean.) I get good grades and I study hard. I’m not saying any of this to brag, but to simply prove a point.

I have chores just like every other 16 year old in the world. I might hate doing them, but I still get them done (most of the time). I wash the dishes and put laundry in…you know, regular household chores. I might hate the outside, but when they’re all doing outside chores, I’m inside doing homework or cleaning (…most of the time).

I’m a writer. Guys, I love writing. I write more than what is on my Wattpad and Goodreads accounts, and I feel as though my blog posts qualify as well. I’m still a newbie blogger, but I already love what I’m doing. I’ve chosen a topic that I’m passionate about and I can write freely without limitations on what I have to say.

I exercise and eat well. Okay, you might not think that this one counts as ‘not being lazy’. Lots of people exercise, lots of people eat well. But, I had a specific goal in mind, and over the course of about a year, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, all on my own. There were no fancy programs or specific workout DVD’s. I did everything by myself. So, the whole thin waist, big booty Jessi was talking about in JYP’s Who’s Your Mama…yup, totally relates to me. Except, I don’t really have a big booty. I have thunder thighs. And as a (Taekwondo = LOTS of kicking) martial artist, I am PROUD of my thunder thighs.

I’m a martial artist and an (unofficial) dancer. Alright, to call myself a dancer might be an insult to actual dancers. (Mianhae Panda-chan.) However, I LOVE learning K-Pop choreography, and when I don’t have Taekwondo at night, dancing becomes my workout.

I read a lot too. I love reading anything (sometimes smut if the story ain’t bad) and everything. I mostly read adult or stories geared towards a more mature audience. Lately, all you can find in YA is love stories that make me puke, although there is the chance that one or two will catch my eye and captivate my interest.

I’m also a low-key artist. I really love to draw (especially anime) and I’m not half-bad, if I do say so myself.

So, as you can see, I’m not lazy. Suga isn’t either. As hard as he works on BTS’s songs and learning the choreo with the others, it totally is unfair to call him such.

I might love my sleep, but that’s just me. Sleep is love guys, sleep is love.


jin aegyo

(My lip reading skills kind of…suck, but is it just me or is Jin Oppa saying ‘yeppeoda’ [I KNOW I spelled that wrong] meaning pretty?)


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