BTS for Noobs

Annyeong! In the spirit of their soon-to-be comeback, I’ll be introducing BTS for this edition of Bands for Noobs. (ARMY IN THE HOUSE)

BTS is a South Korean boy band. BTS is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which loosely translates into something along the lines of Bulletproof Boy Scouts or, better known as Bangtan Boys. With members with ‘underground’ experience, BTS debuted as a seven member Pop/Hip-Hop group in 2013 with No More Dream. Their group consists of 3 rappers and 4 vocalists. BTS captivated fans with their hip-hop talent, their entire group of visuals, and their sharp dance skills. Their official fangroup is named Army and they have booming popularity overseas.

BTS won many rookie awards, and with their 2015 release I Need U, they won first place for the first time, bringing in a total of 5 awards through music programs. They are currently nominated for ‘Best Male Group’ for the 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), though many fans (including myself) have expressed their irritation in the fact that they were not nominated for the ‘Best Male Dance Performance’ with their 2015 follow-up, Dope.


Kim Nam Joon (Rapmonster)

  • Leader

As the official leader of BTS, Rapmonster is widely known as the ‘smart’ member. He has a high I.Q, and is talented in languages as well as math, which he has demonstrated through various interviews and through some of BTS’s ‘Bangtan Bombs’, which can be found on their YouTube channel, Bangtantv. Along with Suga, he has underground experience as a rapper. He is gifted in his rap and is widely complimented by many artists for his raw talent. He recently released a mix tape and 3-4 music videos. Even though he has faced much hate from other underground rappers and artists, he has continued to release and support BTS. He has collaborated with American artists as well and is said to be a terrible dancer.

(I have a collection of Rapmon pictures. These aren’t even all of them.)

Min Yoongi (Suga)

  • Rapper

As the other member with underground experience, Suga is also another of BTS’s talented rappers. Fans often jokingly call Suga ‘lazy’ because of his tendency to sleep a lot. He is talented in song writing, and is said to be working on or almost finished with his own mixtape. Along with Rapmonster, he is often ridiculed for choosing the ‘idol’ life versus continuing to rap underground.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

  • Dancer

Although he is officially known as a ‘rapper’ in BTS, he was scouted through his dancing and learned to rap during his years as a trainee. He is most often seen as the fun-loving member, and is loved for his ‘derp’ faces. He is talented in dancing, and was a member of a dance group before he became a trainee for Big Hit and BTS.

Jeong Jungkook (Jungkook)

  • Main vocalist

Jungkook is the maknae of the group. His band members call him the ‘golden maknae’ because of his well-rounded abilities. He is a gifted dancer, a singer, and fares pretty well when rapping. Fan call him ‘Kookie’ because of his name.

Park Jimin (Jimin)

  • Lead Vocalist

Although one of his official roles in BTS is vocalist, he has captivated fans with his dance skills. Jimin is the one who completes the hat tricks and martial arts kicks in their dances. He is known for his cute face, but sexy body, as he has showed his abs from their very first debut song No More Dream. Fans love his high notes and his falsetto.

Kim Taehyung (V)

  • Alien

Due to his joking manner and his random bursts of energy, V has earned the nickname of ‘Alien’ among Army. He is known for his deeper voice in BTS, and is a talented vocalist. Despite his ‘alien’ image, he has proven to be more than capable as a dancer and a singer and berates his fans with a mixture of cute and sexy.

Kim Seok Jin (Jin)

  • Oldest

Jin is the oldest member in BTS. He is known to be a terrible dancer, and has created his own trademark dance that fans like to call the ‘Traffic Cop’. Although he has more than proven himself vocally, his official role in BTS is the ‘visual’. Fans often express their distaste in the choice in line distribution, as Jin is often left with the least amount of lyrics in their songs. He is said to be a good cook, which has been shown in many ‘Bangtan Bombs’ and through various interviews and broadcasts.

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Listen to some of their songs here:

  1. No More Dream (There is a dance version as well.)
  2. We are Bulletproof pt 2
  3. N.O
  4. Just One Day
  5. War of Hormone
  6. Dope
  7. Danger
  8. Boy in Luv
  9. I Need U
  10. Cypher pt 2 & Cypher pt 3

They also have dance practice videos out for all of their title songs. I encourage you to listen to their entire albums as well, as there are many non-title tracks that I absolutely love.

Some reviews and posts I’ve done for BTS:

  1. BTS “I Need U”
  2. Have you guys seen this yet?
  3. SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE TONIGHT (Featuring a lovely fanfiction I found on Wattpad.)
  4. BTS Strikes Again

Once again, I encourage you to listen to ALL of their tracks, and check out Rapmonster’s mixtape. I’ll be waiting for Suga’s and J-Hope’s to drop! You can see more of BTS on broadcasts such as Weekly Idol. Rapmonster was recently on an episode of Running Man and BTS filmed GO! and American Hustle Life in LA.

(In case you were wondering, Rapmon is my bias, but it’s really almost impossible to choose from this group.)


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