BTS New Teaser Images

Annyeong! Guys, they look so hot. Especially Suga. And ya’ll know my bias is Rapmon. But Jin though, looking all like the…visual. And V with his choker. And Kookie with his butterfly. AND JIMIN WITH ORANGE HAIR. Ah, and Rapmon went back to pink (having mixed feelings about that one) and looks so adorable dressed as a…is that a boyscout? And J-Hope…wah.

Do you guys also see the irony in this? Rapmon and Suga are powerful rappers, yet they look so adorable in their teaser images. I’m not saying anything about it, not at all, I just think that it is funny. They’re so good at what they do, but they’re legitimate flower boys. When you look at Rapmon for the first time, you don’t think ‘yup, he’s a great rapper’. Nope, you don’t, at all.

But what am I saying? South Korea has some of the hottest rappers EVER. Have you seen Jay Park? Okasian? Simon D? Especially idol-group rappers. T.O.P. G-Dragon. RAPMONSTER AND SUGA AND J-HOPE.

I rest my case.

Also, because they have an entire album of photos, it would be much too bothersome to actually find and download or save them all, so I just included a link to their facebook page where you can find all of their pictures.




jungkook heartu


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