Trey Songz “Slow Motion”

Annyeong! Guys, I am IN LOVE with this song. It’s from early 2015 (I think, although it’s quite possible that the song was released late 2014, but the music video not until February 2015) and it is ‘effing AWESOME.


I mean that.

Alright, let’s get into this review. This one will be short, because honestly, there wasn’t much to the music video. I really, really loved it though. It was a music video that you would expect to see for this type of song. The song is pretty much about sex, but GODDAMN is it SEXY. REALLY sexy. You guys know that I love artists with good voices (A.K.A Kyungsoo, Jin, Jay Park, The Weeknd…guys, it’d be a lot easier if I just listed who I DIDN’T like). It isn’t rare that I find an American singer I like, it just doesn’t happen as often (even though I’m American). The Weeknd, he has a bedroom voice, and you guys know that he’s one of my favorites.

So, anyway. The music video is really just about Trey and his GORGEOUS girlfriend. Oh my god guys, I think she’s so pretty. I was a little bit confused in the beginning of the music video where it had all of those random clips in black and white, but after looking at it again, I think that maybe it’s like a sneak-peak of, or clips from, his current or upcoming music videos. I’m not sure, but that’s my theory. The rest of the vid is sexy, but it isn’t OVERLY sexy. Like…hm…how can I explain? Okay, I’ll put it this way. Yes, this is a sex song, and yes, this is a sex music video, but it isn’t overly graphic. It isn’t practically soft-core porn, which I can appreciate. I feel like if it were any more graphic, it’d take away from the sexiness of the song and turn it into a cesspool of hormones.

But it didn’t, and it was awesome.

You can watch the video and you know what’s happening, but nobody is naked. So, all’s good.

As for the song…wow. Upon first listen, I was hooked. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this song is so SEXY. It isn’t a K-Pop song, so there’s no choreo (don’t worry, I’ve fixed that) but it is definitely a body rolling song. The chorus starts with the ‘SLOW MO-TION’ and you just can’t resist getting up and body rolling.


Guys, check this out. (And, no, don’t be turned off by the title screen. Watch the vid, all you dongsaeng can watch it too. It ain’t that bad, I promise.)

Check out this AWESOME choreography!

(That guy, Kenneth, the one in the pink shirt, HANDS DOWN, my favorite.)

I told you I’d fix it. There, choreo even for non-K-Pop.

I’m learning this choreo guys, and it is really hard. I ain’t gonna lie, even with it broken down and explained step-by-step.

Watch that here.


rapmonster twerk gif


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