Awakening (Elementalist 1) Prologue

Earth. Fire. Water. Air.

Stability. Healing. Destructive. Serenity.

Our world was once a place of ignorance. We knew nothing of the spirits in the earth, in the air, in the fire, in the water. We knew nothing of their presence, nothing of their power.

But they didn’t like our world.

And so, they changed it.

War broke out between the spirits and the humans. We suffered heavy casualties, and more than half of our population was destroyed. Before then, it was chaos. Before then, it was anarchy. They ruled over us, a fortress of wealth and power, so great, yet so selfish, they left us to rot.

As humans, we were subject to much abuse and neglect under our new rulers. But from the slums of what was once known as Japan, rose a hero. One who sought the peace and serenity our world had once been. One who truly cared for the people who had and continued to suffer.

His name was Mei Li, and with three of his brothers, Lee, Wu, and Aito, they devised a plan, one that would mean the end of the Spirits, once and for all. They snuck Central, the housing units to the Spirits, and posed as Serves, men and women forced to cater to their every whim.

Aito was restless and often lost his patience with things. Wu was headstrong, and rebellious, often disobeying his elders. Lee was the smart one, loyal, protective. Mei Li, though the youngest, was the leader, strong, and strategic. Together, they successfully infiltrated Central, and lay down a plan to take down the Spirits and their armies once and for al.

Three months into their expedition, Aito became restless. He rallied up a small party of people, and through sheer power, used only force to attack the Spirits. For three long days, they fought, using guns, knives, and swords. Not one of them survived. Mei Li, Lee, and Wu, furious, and riddled with guilt over their brother’s death, devised a plan, one different from the original.

Six more months passed, and Wu became restless. He was upset. In the nine months of their servitude, they had lost a brother, and had made little headway in their plan. The Spirits were still in control, and though Mei Li and Lee pleaded with their brother, Wu had made up his mind. He rallied another group, one stronger and larger than Aito’s had been, and attacked the Spirits, using pure hatred to fuel their will to fight. Not one of them survived. Mei Li and Lee, angry, and riddled with guilt, made a promise. They swore to stay by each other’s side for the remainder of their mission. Together, they created a new plan, one they felt sure they could carry out.

Two long years passed. Lee became wary with his brother’s plans, and soon, they grew apart. Lee, who was the oldest and had always been loyal, rallied up his own army, using his brains to trick his brother into sending him to battle. By the time Mei Li had realized his brother’s plan, it had been too late. Not one of them had survived. Mei Li, more furious than ever, pushed on, determined to cause their downfall.

Many years passed before Mei Li learned the secret and many more before he acted on it. But one fateful day, the sun shone just right in the sky, and Mei Li gathered his strength and courage and finally made his service rounds throughout the Central. He worked tirelessly throughout the day before he was finally knelt before the King.

“Tell me peasant, what is your name?” The King, dressed in finery, sat atop a throne of the richest earth, surrounded by a Palace of the thickest ice, sat behind a fire of hottest temperature, and breathed in the purest of air.

“Suzimayo…Mei Li.” His years as a Serve had aged him, and tired and withered, Mei Li knelt before the King.

“Mei Li Suzimayo,” The King had mused.

“I had three brothers. Lee, Wu, and Aito Suzimayo,” Mei Li looked up at the King, a smile lighting his wrinkled features.

“And where are they now?” The King had crossed his arms over his chest.

“I wouldn’t know. They died a long time ago.”

“I see,” The King had said. Mei Li stood on his rickety bones, and from the folds of his robes, produced a small Katana, dipped in the blood of the dead. The King stood, but before he had time to call for help, his throat was slit.

The Spirits, thrown into disarray at the loss of their King, realized the chaos they had caused in this world. In exchange for their guarded peace, they distilled one gift onto mankind…the gift of the elements.

All over the world, men and women alike could control Earth. Some could control Fire, others, Water, and some, Air. Though he did not have the power or control over the elements as others had, the people saw him as a gift, a god sent to their world. And so, they elected him as their new leader. With his new-found power, Mei Li brought the world back to its once harmonious state.

Tribez were created, clans that gathered Users and invited them to live in peace amongst their brethren. For the first time in fifty years, peace had finally been restored. But not all of these people received these gifts, and in turn, were jealous.

One man, Anguro Akatsuki, felt as though the new Tribez, the ruling beneath Mei Li, was just as bad as the Spirits. Other men and women, non-Users, created factions, chaotic clans that attacked the Elemental Users. Users, forced to fight back, were drawn out of the safety of their homes, and slaughtered. Not ten years had passed before chaos has spread throughout the world once again.

Mei Li, overwhelmed with the amount of hatred he faced, sought out the very Spirits he had drove away once before. In his absence, the peace he’d worked so hard to create had disintegrated. Many more years passed before he found them. Disgusted and distraught by the chaos they’d once again created, they distilled the gift onto Mei Li. Mei Li became a User, but one who could control all four elements, not just one. The factions and the Tribez, one the brink of war, were made to share peace. Mei Li was once again, a Hero.

At the glorious age of 148, Mei Li passed with much joy and accomplishment in his heart. The Tribez remained at peace and the factions dispersed and joined clans as all of them were brought together over the death of their hero. But just as soon as peace spread throughout the land, more chaos broke out. Right when another war was about to begin, another Elementalist was born. She trained under the strongest of Tribez and soon became the leader. And when she died, another was born.

Thus, the cycle began.


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