New Story Idea

Annyeong! And, yes, I’m still writing Loving My Anti-Fan, which you can view in this category here. However, I’m a writer, a blogger, a K-Popper, and a full-time student. I can multitask. So, I have an idea for a story. Actually, it was one I had started a long time ago, but never actually went anywhere for it. Tell me what you think! Is it worth pursuing?

Users were born. Tribez and clans were created, and with the help of our leader, the Elementalist, we became truly one with our spirits. But for three hundred years, the Elementalist has begun to lose its power, and slowly, our world has begun to fall into chaos. The Fire and the Earth Tribez rise up and try to take our world. Awakened as the new Elementalist, can I save our world from the brink of war? Or will I only make it worse?

I’ll be uploading the Prologue soon!

Please, tell me what you think!


rapmon wave





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