Top 5 K-Pop Idols to be Thankful For

Annyeong! I know most of you probably won’t see this until tomorrow (if you celebrate Thanksgiving) but I had some time before I have to start cooking and cleaning, so I’d figured I’d do a few short blog posts. I’ll be posting one now, and then one more later. For this one, I’m going to be listing my top 5 k-pop idols to be thankful for (the boyband edition).

  • Do Kyungsoo (D.O) (EXO)

Ya’ll already know Kyungsoo is my bias. And you all probably know that it’s because of his adorable, squishy face, but his masculine, murderous, Satansoo personality. But, I not only love Kyungsoo for his features, but for his raw talent. I love that no matter what Kyungsoo sings, he rocks it. He isn’t noticed for his dancing, but he isn’t a bad dancer. Even though EXO gets a lot of hate for things like lip syncing and just…you know…being EXO, Kyungsoo continues to slay and the boys  (men) continue to release awesome tracks.

  • Shindong (Super Junior)

This one might surprise you guys, but I am really huge Shindong fan. I was so sad that he went away to the military before Super Junior’s Devil and Magic comeback. Shindong is definitely seen as a ‘lesser’ member of Super Junior, but I don’t know why. He’s pudgy…hell, I’m pudgy by Korean standards. Like I said, I have thunder thighs (which I’m proud of). You don’t survive the intense amounts of kicking we do in Taekwondo without at least a little bit of muscle on your legs. But anyway, people thinks Shindong is ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. I 100% disagree. Actually, from the very, very beginning, Shindong was my favorite. He’s an amazing dancer, and I bet, if they actually gave him lines, he’d improve in his singing abilities as well. You can definitely call Shindong the ‘underdog’ or the ‘black horse’ of Super Junior. His personality is awesome and I think he’s actually pretty good looking. He seems like the type of person who could make you laugh when you’ve had a horrible day and then turn around and make you cry for all the right reason. He even said in an interview that he was afraid people would be embarrassed to like Super Junior because of him…and he started to cry and then I started to get really sad on the inside. Shindong has been in this game for a long time…he’s been an idol for forever, and he still has these feelings. Guys, spread the love, alright?


  • Daesung (Big Bang)

You guys might know that my bias is Seungri from Big Bang, but I’ve decided that Daesung is best fit for this list. Not only does he have an incredibly handsome face and wonderfully beautiful voice, but he’s funny too. Out of all of Big Bang, he’s the Variety King. If Daesung goes on a variety show, you can best bet you’ll be cracking up the entire time. I haven’t survived a single Running Man episode with him in it. But that isn’t the only reason why I chose Daesung. I chose Daesung because of his car accident. You guys might not have known, but there was a collision between Daesung and…I’m not sure if it was a motorcyclist or another car, a few years back. I’m sorry that I don’t know, but honestly, this is Daesung’s life. Even if it is public news, it feels like I’d be prying into something that deeply impacted him and all of Big Bang, so I’m going strictly off of what I’ve heard from Daesung himself on broadcasts. So, I believe that the second victim passed away, and if you’ve seen Daesung on Healing Camp (I believe that is what it’s called), you know how greatly this affected him. He blamed (possibly still does) himself for the passing of that second victim. But despite facing malicious media titles and his own guilty and self-hatred, he rose back up again in the Daesung that we know. It took some time, but he came back. The Daesung that we love. The Daesung who makes even the stingiest of person laugh and smile until their sides are hurting, their faces feel like they’re about to fall off, and they can’t catch their breath.

  • T.O.P (Big Bang)

Yup, yet another from Big Bang. Although he still isn’t my bias, I just couldn’t risk leaving T.O.P out of the list. Guys, T.O.P is gold. Not only is he another talented idol rapper, he’s handsome and he’s funny. His deep voice leaves fangirls swooning and his face makes even Noona’s blush. He’s loved for his cool demeanor and his ‘swag’. There is just one thing that I don’t understand. T.O.P released underground as a rapper before he became T.O.P, rapper of Big Bang. Unless I missed something, he didn’t get hate behind the fact that he became an idol instead of releasing underground. I don’t quite understand. Perhaps because Rapmonster and Suga are so much more serious about their rap…but then that isn’t fair to say either. T.O.P is talented as well, but I don’t understand why it’s okay for him, but 100% wrong for Rapmon and Suga.


  • All of BTS (Jimin, Jin, Rapmonster, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V)

If you’re a true ARMY, you know that it’s impossible to answer the question ‘Who’s your bias from BTS?’ Wae? Because, they are freaking perfect. With members who are good at singing, amazing at dancing, and awesome rappers, it’s hard to single out just one. You might know my ‘bias’ is Rapmon, but they are for totally different reasons. I respect Rapmonster and Suga immensely because despite their hardships and the hate they’ve faced, they worked hard to make it in the idol scene. They could have easily made it big underground, but they became the rappers of BTS. Rapmonster is my ‘bias’ I guess, because I know how hard he has to work, with dancing and living up to the name of ‘leader’, but other than that, they’re ALL my biases. Anyway, fans love BTS’s quirky nature. They all look like models and they all are talented in their own way. (These aren’t even all of the pictures I have of them.)

What do you think? Who are your top 5 idols to be thankful for?


hobi crying


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