Wish Me Luck

Annyeong! I’m going black Friday shopping tomorrow. Guys, I’m going to need all of the luck I can get.

I’ll be up 4:30 (probably earlier than that) and out of the house by 5. We’ll probably be shopping all day. Guys, I ‘effing hate shopping. Really. But I’ll be tagging along because my cousin and Aunts and grandmother are all going, so I’m going too. I don’t drink coffee, but you’ll sure as hell see me with a coffee cup and a sour expression (I’m NOT a morning person). Guys, I’ll be grouchy as hell.

I promise.


Anyway, wish me luck. I have a 50 dollar budget (I know, I’m broke) but I know that if I play my cards right, I can get what I want and there isn’t much that I want. I guess I’ll do a black Friday post, but I can’t promise I’ll even get anything. I know I’ll end up with a huge headache and probably more grouchy than I was before.


d.o exy


13 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

  1. Me, too!!! Ugh!!! Fiancee and I do it every year. The target this year is Office Depot, home depot. But!!!! Office depot opens at six tonight. So… We may miss that. He also pinpointed Sears. We will see! Good Luck!!!!

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